Mourinho: If I speak my mind, I will be suspended for 10 sessions!/ I have never cried because of losing

According to Tasnim news agency, Jose Mourinho says that if he speaks his heart about the game of Roma against Sevilla in the final of last season’s Europa League, he will be banned for 10 games. He also admitted that 13 years ago, in the match of Inter under his leadership against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the European Champions League, he tried to upset the nerves of his old rival Pep Guardiola and the then star of Barca, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, by resorting to psychological warfare.

Mr. Khass spoke about some of the memorable moments of his coaching career in European football while appearing in a special television program on the Italian Sky Sports channel. In this program, Mourinho also refers to the famous battle of Inter under his leadership against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the European Champions League in 2010; A battle in which Inter became the finalists by defeating the Catalan opponent, and there they completed their triple championships by passing the barrier of Bayern Munich. In this part of the program, Mourinho is faced with a photo montage, on one side of which is the famous image of him whispering in Guardiola’s ear while the Catalan coach talks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Barcelona technical area, and on the other side, Mr. Khas is happy after his team’s victory. At the end of the race.

Admitting his mischief in that game, Mourinho said: The picture on the left is psychological warfare and the right side is pure joy and happiness.

The Portuguese coach was then asked to compare his 2017 Europa League win with Manchester United to his loss to Sevilla in the final of the same competition last season as Roma coach, and he said: They are the same. Winning the Europa League with Manchester United makes me feel normal. Regarding the final of the last season, if I want to speak my mind, I will be banned for 10 sessions.

In 2022, Mourinho won the European Conference League with Roma by defeating Feyenoord in the final. A stage before that, Giallorossi eliminated Leicester City. Comparing those two battles, he said: We might not be champions, although I have never cried after losing. Sometimes I cry after our victories, like our two historic games.

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