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According to the Mehr news agency, the international freestyle wrestling competitions of the Bolat Turlikhanov Cup and the World Union Ranking were held on June 14 and 15 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and our four-member team won 3 gold and 1 silver medals in these competitions.

In these competitions, Hassan Yazdani, Kamran Ghasempour and Amir Hossein Zare won gold medals in the weights of 86, 92 and 125 kg, and Amir Hossein Firoozpour won a silver medal in the weight of 97 kg.

The results of our country’s wrestlers in these competitions are as follows:

In the weight category of 86 kg, Hassan Yazdani defeated Fateh Ardin from Turkey in the first round with a result of 12: 0. In the next round, in the semi-finals, he defeated Kazakhstan Dolatbekov 12-1 to advance to the final. In this match, Yazdani defeated Boris Makoev of Slovakia 11-0 and won the gold medal.

In the 92 kg weight category, which is held periodically with the presence of 6 wrestlers in two groups of 3 people, Kamran Ghasempour defeated Wiki from India in the first wrestling with a result of 10: 0. Islam Bek defeated Eliasov of Kazakhstan and advanced to the semi-finals. At this stage, Qasempour defeated Abdi Manaf Bayanjiev of Kazakhstan 11-0 to advance to the final. In the final match against Kazakhstan’s Adlit Dulumbayev, he also won 11-0 and won the gold medal.

In the 97 kg weight category, Amir Hossein Firuzpour, after a break in the first round, defeated Akzan Aitbekov of Kazakhstan 8-3 in the second round to advance to the semifinals. At this stage, he defeated Mohammad Rasul Rahimov of Uzbekistan 15-4 and advanced to the final. Firoozpour lost 10-0 to Slovakia’s Batirbek Cakulov in the final to win the silver medal.

In the 125 kg weight category, Amir Hossein Zare defeated Oleg Boltin of Kazakhstan 9-7 in the first round. In this match, Zare crossed the Yusup Batyrmurzayev barrier in Kazakhstan with a score of 21 to 10 and won the gold medal.

The ranking of the top people of this competition is as follows:

57 kg: 1- Amman (India) 2- Mirambek Kartbay (Kazakhstan) 3- Mary Bazarbayev (Kazakhstan)
61 kg: 1- Bakbulat Mirzanzar Olu (Kyrgyzstan) 2- Jasulan Taskula (Kazakhstan) 3- Yildus Mombkov (Kazakhstan)
65 kg: 1- Tolga Ochir Tumor (Mongolia) 2- Abbas Rahmanov (Uzbekistan) 3- Omidjan Jalalov (Uzbekistan) and Bajrang (India)
70kg: 1- Arnazar Akmataliyev (Kyrgyzstan) 2- Rodin Anchogin (Kazakhstan) 3- Alibek Osmanov (Kyrgyzstan) and Zafarbek Otakhonov (Uzbekistan)
74 kg: 1- Timuraz Salkazanov (Slovakia) 2- Biambadorjut Jordan (Mongolia) 3- Amr Hussein (Egypt) and Nurkja Kaipanov (Kazakhstan)
79 kg: 1- Bolat Sakayev (Kazakhstan) 2- Sayakbay Yusupov (Kyrgyzstan) 3- Government of Yargash (Kazakhstan) and Akhsarbek Gulayev (Slovakia)
86 kg: 1- Hassan Yazdani (Iran) 2- Boris Makoev (Slovakia) 2- Bobur Ismailov (Uzbekistan) and Fateh Ardin (Turkey)
92 kg: 1- Kamran Ghasempour (Iran) 2- Adlit Davolbayev (Kazakhstan) 3- Abdi Manaf Bayganjev (Kazakhstan)
97 kg: 1- Batirbek Sakulov (Slovakia) 2- Amirhossein Firuzpour (Iran) 3- Akzhan Aitbekov (Kazakhstan) and Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan)
125 kg: 1- Amirhossein Zare (Iran) 2- Yusup Batirmurzayev (Kazakhstan) 3- Lakhavagrel Monkhtur (Mongolia) and Mohit (India)

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