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Judiciary »Message of condolence from the head of the judiciary following the death of Hojjatoleslam and the praying Muslims

In a message, the head of the judiciary expressed his condolences on the death of Hojjatoleslam and Muslims, Seyyed Mahmoud Doaei.

According to the General Directorate of Public Relations of the Judiciary, Hojjatoleslam and Muslims Mohseni Ejei sent a message of condolences on the death of Seyyed Mahmoud Doaei, the editor-in-chief of the Information newspaper.

The text of the message of condolence of the head of the judiciary is as follows:

we are for God and we return to him

The news of the death of Hojjat al-Islam and the Muslims, Seyyed Mahmoud Doaei, caused my impression and regret.

During the struggle of Imam Khomeini (RA) against the dictatorial regime, especially during his presence in Najaf Ashraf, he was one of the companions and associates of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution. The source of the services was a simple biological and democratic spirit.

I offer my condolences to the honorable family of Doaei and other dear relatives for the deceased, and I ask for patience for the survivors.

غلامحسین محسنی اژه‌ای

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