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Entrepreneur Bank is busy in granting facilities

According to the financial news news, citing the public relations of Entrepreneur Bank, in recent years and based on the rules of the Central Bank, the process of granting facilities in Entrepreneur Bank to different segments of the society, small businesses, start-up companies and knowledge bases has improved and the scope and speed is greater. has taken upon itself in a way that shows that this bank is serious in supporting the national economy and implementing its partnership programs in order to create jobs, strengthen national production and help the welfare of citizens. Cooperation with the Barkat Foundation, the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, as well as supporting the field of crowdfunding of businesses, are also other serious steps taken by the Entrepreneur Bank in order to fulfill its role for the development and progress of dear Iran.

The seal of approval of numbers on facility performance
The all-round support of the Entrepreneur Bank to the national economy can be checked by browsing the statistics; The latest estimates show that the amount of facilities paid by this bank in the mentioned sectors in 1400 was about 5 thousand 743 billion Rials, which increased by 7 times to 38 thousand 899 billion Rials at the end of 1401. The growth process of providing facilities in 1402 has also continued with greater speed, so that according to statistics, only in the first 3 months of this year, 9 thousand 385 billion Rials, equivalent to twice the amount registered in 1400, were given to real and legal customers of the facilities. has been granted.

the most facilities; The contribution of knowledge bases
In recent years, knowledge-based companies have been able to establish their position in Iran’s economy and play a good role in job creation. Based on the effectiveness of these companies in increasing the welfare of the society, the entrepreneur bank has focused on granting them facilities in such a way that according to the statistics in 1400, about one thousand and 183 billion Rials of the total facilities granted by the bank were concentrated in this sector. In 1401, this number increased by 29 times and increased to 29,754 billion Rials. This trend continued in the first quarter of this year and reached 7,207 billion Rials, which indicates a 7-fold growth compared to the entire year of 1400.

Special attention to small businesses
In order to overcome the challenges, Iran’s economy needs to strengthen and expand small and new companies; An event that has been implemented in developed countries or some developing countries and has successfully passed its test. Statistics show that in 1400, Entrepreneur Bank allocated about 2,584 billion Rials of facilities to small businesses, which in 1401 increased 5 times to 5,593 billion Rials. In the first quarter of this year, this figure was 1,256 billion rials.

Increasing marriage and childbearing facilities
With the aim of helping the young generation and in line with the requirements of the Central Bank, Bank Karabehan has performed well in providing facilities to this group. Statistics show that in 1400, this bank paid about 429 billion Rials for marriage loan facilities, which increased by more than 5 times to 2,219 billion Rials in 1401. In the first quarter of this year, 748 billion Rials of marriage benefits were granted, which is almost twice the total amount of marriage benefits paid in 1400. In the field of childbearing, the Bank of Entrepreneur has taken appropriate steps in this sector by providing 457 billion Rials in 1401 and in the first quarter of this year by providing 33 billion Rials.

Continuation of the appropriate process in supporting national production
The stated statistics show that in addition to the significant growth in the amount of granting facilities, the target community of the Bank of Entrepreneurs in financing has also expanded in recent years. In a way that according to the stated statistics, it includes from young couples to knowledge-based and from families to small and start-up companies; Facilitation of marriage, childbearing, housing, financing of knowledge-based companies, micro-businesses, start-ups, etc. are among the fields in which the entrepreneur bank has been purposefully present and has organized its programs based on the continuation of this trend.

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