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Entrepreneurs of Anzali Free Zone complain about the lack of necessary infrastructure to cumbersome laws

According to IRNA, entrepreneurs, businessmen and businessmen of Anzali Free Zone have been holding several meetings under the title of Entrepreneurship Cafe during the last three years, in which the existing problems are examined. The recent meeting was held with the presence of the supervisor of Gilan Customs and the promise to solve some of these problems by the General Directorate.

Among the issues raised in today’s meeting of economic activists with executive officials are the need for traders to be informed of new trade laws, especially in Gilan and Astrakhan customs, the suspension of trucks behind closed doors outside office hours and the long process of customs activities. کرد.

Complaints about power outages, especially on hot days of the year, which cause damage to stored goods can be considered as the main axis of the problems of economic actors in the Anzali Free Zone, which was raised at this evening’s meeting.

Coordination between businessmen and executive bodies is necessary for stable economic activity

The chairman of the Anzali Free Zone Investors and Entrepreneurs Association, in this meeting, on behalf of economic activists, considered the need for stable economic activity to be coordination between businessmen and executive bodies and said: the more coordination with executive bodies, will help to carry out more stable activities.

Asghar Amani, emphasizing that investment needs a healthy, calm environment and away from decision-making and executive tensions, said: “Investors and entrepreneurs try to find ways to better operate with common sense and Achieve the same understanding of laws that have different interpretations.

Infrastructure must be provided in the customs of Anzali free zone

The supervisor of Gilan province customs and the director general of Anzali customs in this meeting, stating that the necessary infrastructure should be provided in the customs of Anzali free zone, said: to provide services in 2 shifts of Golshan customs of Anzali free zone, this infrastructure should be provided by this organization.

Abolghasem Yousefinejad added: In the past, Gilan province customs activities were carried out from the two borders of Anzali and Astara. With a slight increase in strength, it continued its activities around the clock.

He stressed: “Increasing the number of borders requires the development of human resources for better and faster services so that Gilan Customs can have the necessary service in a wide range and low time efficiency.”

We are looking to convert Golshan Customs in Anzali Free Zone to the General Administration

The supervisor of Gilan province customs and the director general of Anzali customs said: Gilan customs has been pursuing the transformation of Golshan customs into the general administration for many years, but the necessary ground has not been created in this regard by the Free Zone Organization.

Yousefinejad stated: Due to the structure of Anzali Free Zone as a north-south corridor and a large amount of investment in the Caspian port, the structure of Golshan Customs in this area should be upgraded to perform fruitful services in other procedures and related activities. Be.

He announced the necessary infrastructure, including office and commercial buildings, exit doors, passenger buildings, CCTV, and said: Customs has been providing services in the Caspian port for 15 years without proper structure, which is sufficient and suitable for the development of commercial and export activities. is not. Also, the industrial towns of Anzali Free Zone are weak in terms of infrastructure that needs to be improved.

Gilani companies welcome the “authorized economic activists” program

The customs supervisor of Gilan province also downplayed the activity of the province’s economic activists in the “authorized economic activists” program and said: so far, only four Gilan companies that are actively active in the province have registered in this program.

Yousefinejad called on Gilan businessmen to join the program, saying that joining the “authorized economic actors” program would help them in exports and imports, value, determination of nature and method of payment.

He added: “The World Customs Organization implemented this program to establish more customs cooperation with economic actors so that traders and traders can voluntarily cooperate with the customs in excess and enjoy the benefits of more interaction with customs.”

Yousefinejad added: Manufacturers, importers, exporters, customs brokers and others by registering in this program and proving themselves to the customs can perform higher quality internal processes and away from any intrusion and seizure of goods and in full compliance with the rule of law. Give.


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