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The top 15 ideas of Tehran clients were identified

According to the Tehran Relief Committee on Monday, the big entrepreneurship event (Startup Weekend) today, Monday the 13th of January, in order to defend the top 15 ideas with the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, Deputy General Manager, Mehdi Salami, Deputy Head of Employment and Self-Sufficiency, Reza Ali Shiri, Head of Department Career guidance of Tehran Provincial Relief Committee, university professors and judges in this field was held in the hall of Tehran Provincial Relief Committee Council and the selected people presented their ideas.

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, Deputy Director General of the Tehran Provincial Relief Committee, emphasized that scientific business, which is the most successful type of business, will begin after the defense of the projects.
He added: “Identifying creative ideas, helping to start and develop new businesses with a human-centered approach is one of the dimensions of this event.”

Ismaili stated: 613 participants of this event sent their plans and ideas to the organizers of this event in cyberspace through the job guidance office of the Deputy of Employment and Self-Sufficiency of the Tehran Province Relief Committee, who received two ideas 16 hours before the event. Initial screening, judging and selection of at least 100 top ideas in the first stage and providing additional training and finally 15 top projects went to the judging stage.

The Deputy Director General of the Tehran Provincial Relief Committee continued: Presenting judging and selecting the top 4 ideas, supporting and supporting this number of ideas is the process of implementing this event.

He pointed out the most important achievements of this event and added: training from zero to one hundred start-ups and development of small and medium businesses, training of key skills of new businesses, awarding prizes to the top four ideas, benefiting from consulting services and support Material and spiritual is one of the most important achievements of this great entrepreneurship event.

Ismaili expressed hope that by implementing the top business ideas, the supported students will be empowered.


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