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According to Tejarat News, Justice shares In the week ending on July 22, it dropped by about one percent. Also the total index Exchange It decreased by 0.8% and ended at the level of 1,490,000 units.

The value of the basket of 532 thousand tomans reached 13 million and 926 thousand tomans at the end of the working days of this week, that is, July 22. This is despite the fact that the value of this basket was 14 million and 117 thousand tomans last week.

At the end of this week, the value of the one million share portfolio stood at 26 million and 309 thousand tomans. This basket was worth 27,600,000 Tomans last week.

Also, the value of the basket of 492 thousand tomans was equal to 12 million and 939 thousand tomans on Wednesday. This amount was equivalent to 13 million and 83 thousand tomans in the previous week.

In this way, the salable value of 60% of the basket of 532 thousand tomans reached seven million and 763 thousand tomans.

How to get a loan with equity shares?

In recent months, national banks and equity credit card companies have been paying equity equity holders an amount of seven million.

Mohsen Khodabakhsh, the vice chairman of the board of directors of the Securities and Exchange Organization, also said a few weeks ago that each bank can lend to shareholders according to its resources.

On the other hand, Majid Eshghi, the head of the stock exchange organization, said last winter that owners of ETFs and debt securities can start receiving loans from the first month of 2011. It was supposed that from April 1401, in cooperation with the central depository company, it would be possible to provide securities and all financial assets in the financial market to support and validate bank loans electronically. All natural persons who have equity shares can borrow shares. get justice But on the condition that they have not sold any part of their equity shares. Even if people have sold a share of their portfolio, they cannot borrow.

After registering in Sejam, applicants for equity credit cards should open accounts in two banks, Melli and Tejarat, and register through the applications of two banks, Eva and Zumard.

Subsidy is a condition of receiving a loan

The important point here is that the loan amount is 50% of the equity value of individuals. Also, shareholders who are applying for a credit card must activate the change of monitoring broker in their equity portfolio before entering the bank system.

On the other hand, these people should be subject to subsidies. That means they should get cash subsidy or subsistence subsidy. If the shareholders of Adalat can return the amount to the bank within one month, this amount will be Qarz Al-Hasna. But if one month passes and they are unable to repay the loan, this credit will be converted into a three-year facility.

The interest rate for equity credit cards is 18%. However, if the beneficiaries pay the card amount by the end of the first month, no interest will be charged to them.

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