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Establishment of a specialized jurisprudential working group under the jurisprudential council / establishment of a religious supervisor in all banks

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, in the seventh Islamic financial conference, referring to the approval of the national currency code instructions in the Monetary and Credit Council, he stated: The national currency code will be offered soon.

He went on to create new institutions and structures in the decision-making system of the Central Bank and said: “Fortunately, the jurisprudential council of the Central Bank has been formally established for about three years according to the law of the Sixth Development Plan, and we must take steps to systematize Islamic banking.” Let’s do a lot.

The Governor of the Central Bank stated: Let us remember the late Seyyed Abbas Mousavian because he was a very well-meaning and well-known person and the founder of the jurisprudential council of the Central Bank. Recently, the instructions of the jurisprudential council of the Central Bank have been amended so that the approvals of this council are required to be implemented, as well as Working group The specialized jurisprudential council has been set up in Qom.

He continued: The issues that the jurisprudential council refers to Working group The issues raised in the plan will be reviewed in the jurisprudential council of the Central Bank. Previously, in the jurisprudential council, several sessions were spent discussing an expert issue, but with the formation of this Working group Specialized this Working group It becomes the expert arm of the jurisprudential council.

Salehabadi added: the secretariat of the jurisprudential council of the Central Bank has been activated and Agenda And the issues that the jurisprudential council wants to decide on have been identified and reviewed by an expert Working group Specialized posted.

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Referring to the supervision of banks in the implementation of the approvals of the Jurisprudential Council, the Governor of the Central Bank said: “The approvals of the Council are given in the form of a checklist and the scope of supervision of the Central Bank. Supervise the central bank.

He also appointed a N As an observer on the performance of banks in the field of jurisprudence, he announced and said: with the introduction of the board Director And the approval of the Central Bank, one person in each bank will be a religious supervisor and will be present in the bank’s regulatory implementation committee.

According to him, the presence of these people in the banks will help the banks to move towards Islamic banking standards.

Salehabadi mentioned education and promotion as other programs of the Central Bank in this field and added: “Islamic banking training for bank employees is on the agenda and in this regard, the certificate of Islamic banking professionals will be defined.” Gradually, we are developing these works and trying to make one of the concerns of the authorities of imitation and ulema, which is the application of banking fees with the sharia standards, operational, and this is the path that we are following with the help of all our loved ones.

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