Esteghlal did not leave Sepahan/victory on the stressful day of exclusion from Asia

According to Mehr reporter, Esteghlal football team faced Zob Ahan of Isfahan in the framework of the 24th week of the premier football league today, and this game ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of Esteghlal.

In this match, which started at Azadi Stadium at 19:30 and was judged by Reza Mahdavi, Mehdi Qaidi (20) and Kevin Yamaga (63 – penalty) scored for Esteghlal. In this way, Esteghlal, which is on the verge of being eliminated from the Asian Champions League due to the problems of obtaining a professional license, forgot this bitter incident for 90 minutes and secured its position in the second place after Sepahan with 49 points.

The combination of independence and iron smelting

Ricardo Sapinto, the head coach of Esteghlal, made his team with the combination of Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Rafael da Silva, Rouzbe Cheshmi (77 – Peyman Babaei), Arif Gholami, Jafar Salmani, Mehdi Mehdipour (67 – Zubair Nik Nafs), Kevin Yamaga, Mohammad Mohebi (77 – Zwari). ), Mehdi Qaidi, Amir Arslan Motahari (67 – Sajjad Shahbazzadeh) and Arash Rezavand sent to the ground.

Also, under the guidance of Mehdi Tartar, Zob Ahan went to the ground with this composition: Habib Farabbasi, Seyed Mohammad Qureshi, Pouria Pourali (60 – Bahmansalari), Nader Mohammadi, Sadegh Sadeghi (60 – Pooya Mokhtari), Arman Akwan, Amir Hossein Rengarz Jedi, Mohammad Hossein Eslami. , Saman Nariman Jahan, Irfan Masoumi and Jalal Madaghi.

Esteghlal did not leave Sepahan/ Peprouzi on the stressful day of exclusion from Asia

First half and Qaidi scoring

Although Zob Ahan could have opened Esteghlal’s goal in the 7th minute by Saman Nariman Jahan, but with the support of their fans, the blue-clad players gradually dominated the game and created opportunities to score. In the 20th minute, Qaidi managed to score the first goal of the game on a pass in the depth of Mohammad Mohebi and a technical shot. After this goal, Esteghlal brought the ball to the penalty area of ​​its guest in several scenes, but did not get anywhere in scoring again.

Zob Ahan’s attacks, which were mainly focused on Nader Mohammadi’s long hand throws, were not effective despite the ball reaching the Esteghlal penalty area and were repelled by Seyed Hossein Hosseini and the host’s defenders.

Esteghlal did not leave Sepahan/ Peprouzi on the stressful day of exclusion from Asia

second half; The iron smelting force did not reach independence

In the second half, Zoubi came out of their closed game to compensate for the result. The main plan of the Tartar team in this half was to use Nader Mohammadi’s long outs, but this tactic did not go anywhere.

In front of the Esteghlal team, they continued their offensive game and scored a penalty in the 61st minute by Mohammad Mohebi. Kevin Yamaga converted this penalty two minutes later to give the Blues a sigh of relief and get three match points.

Esteghlal did not leave Sepahan/ Peprouzi on the stressful day of exclusion from Asia
The joy of Esteghlal’s technical staff on the day when it is said that this team has been eliminated from Asia

Sepahan remained at the top of the table

In today’s other game, Sepahan team hosted Sanat Naft Abadan in Isfahan, and this game ended with one goal in favor of Sepahan. In this way, Sepahan remained at the top of the table with 52 points so that the main competition between this team and Esteghlal remains for the championship.

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