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Ethics: Iran must be in touch with all Afghan groups

In an interview with IRNA political correspondent, Mohsen Rohissefat said about the developments in Afghanistan: “The process of developments and events in Afghanistan has accelerated and although the Taliban has announced that it has managed to capture Panjshir, but it seems that no A force has not been able to completely dominate and the forces are shifting.

Referring to the demographic characteristics of Afghanistan, the expert on Afghanistan said: “The people of Afghanistan are not united and do not belong to the same ethnicity and nationality. They are divided into different ethnic groups. It will see instability, conflict and even civil war continue.

“Different Taliban groups have ethnic and tribal differences with each other,” he said. There are many controversial issues.

Emphasizing that it is easy to occupy all of Afghanistan but it is very difficult to manage, Rouhi-Sefat said: “Issues such as women, civil society and relations with the world, etc. are among the controversial issues in Afghanistan.”

Regarding the role of other world powers in Afghanistan, he said: “The reality is that the current situation in this country is the result of wrong or misguided policies of the United States.” The United States has been an unrivaled major player in Afghanistan for the past 20 years.

“China has had contacts and meetings with Taliban leaders, which the Taliban have also had with other countries,” he said. “In the past, China enjoyed security, but with the current situation, they should be concerned about the situation.” They have happened because the Taliban, along with other extremist forces, may be harming China’s interests.

According to a former deputy director of the State Department’s Office of Political and International Studies, China benefits from an Afghanistan based on peace, tranquility, and stability. It is chaos.

Regarding Turkey’s role-playing, he said: “Turkey would like to increase its presence in Central Asia and complete its links, but no country will benefit from the instability and instability in Afghanistan.” Although the Taliban have offered to hand over the security of Kabul airport to Qatar and Turkey, Afghanistan will be unstable if power is not shared with different ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

“What the Taliban have seen so far shows that the Taliban are not ready to share power,” he said. Some individuals and currents in the Taliban may be inclined to share power, but the final estimate is that those who oppose the division of power in the Taliban weigh more than those who agree. The form of government is probably based on the caliphate and the Islamic Emirate.

Regarding Iran’s policies in Afghanistan, he said: “Iran’s policy in Afghanistan must be balanced.” In other words, Iran must cooperate with the forces of the Afghan National Resistance Front and be in contact with the Taliban.

The foreign policy analyst said that the recent stance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be the beginning of a balance in Iran’s policies in Afghanistan. This balanced policy should not be confined to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but should extend to other governing institutions involved.

Referring to the reaction of public opinion to the developments in Afghanistan, he said: “The reaction of public opinion to the developments in Afghanistan is due to the civilized relations between the two countries.” This makes it necessary for the government to pay attention to this issue.


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