Examining the process of implementing the clean air law in the parliament

According to the online economy report, quoted by Isna, Alireza Nazari, while explaining today’s meeting of the Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Environment Commission of the Islamic Council, stated: In today’s meeting of the Commission, the process of implementing the Clean Air Law was attended by the representatives of the ministries of the country, oil , the country and the program and budget organization were discussed, but unfortunately the head of the environmental protection organization and the representative of the ministry of industry, mining and trade did not attend the meeting.

He further pointed out that the officials of the Ministry of Petroleum presented a report on the process and amount of production of petroleum products, including diesel, gasoline, and compliance with the necessary standards in these productions to the members of the commission. And the gasoline in the country is forced to reduce part of the octane in the gasoline so that they can quantitatively increase the production ceiling to meet the daily needs.

The spokesperson of the Parliament’s Agriculture Commission further clarified: According to the report of the representative of the Ministry of Petroleum, Shazand, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Shiraz and Stara Persian Gulf refineries must follow the necessary path to optimize production and fuel production based on Euro 4 standards.

He further emphasized: Also, the representative of the Ministry of Interior presented a report to the members of the commission regarding the electrification of cars and motorcycles, as well as the development of the urban rail network, as well as the discussion of diesel cars and vans and the changes made, playing a role in reducing pollution. According to the report of the representative of the program and budget organization, there are limitations to provide the necessary resources to be injected into the municipalities to optimize and modernize the public transport fleet.

He added: In this meeting, it was decided that through the commission, a request to hold a meeting with the presence of the head of the environmental organization, the ministers of industry, mining and trade, the country, oil, energy, and the attorney general of the country will be presented in the floor of the parliament and a detailed report on the performance of the devices in The implementation of the clean air law should be provided.

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