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Explanations of Saderat Bank about the news of the confiscation of Farhangsarai Cyro

According to the report of financial financial news, citing the public relations of Saderat Bank of Iran, the place that was used as a cypress nursery was mortgaged by Saderat Bank of Iran as the basis of the payment facility to a company called “Katam”, which due to non-payment of debt from On the part of the debtors, the mentioned license plate was transferred to the bank in 1350 through the competent legal authorities. But from the very beginning, due to the possession of the municipality, the delivery of the property faced problems, and inevitably, after filing a lawsuit, the decision to evict the municipality from the said place was issued in 1362, and in the past 40 years, negotiations, meetings and assistance with the municipality resulted in It has not been resolved and still the municipality has not obeyed the issued order and the mentioned place has not been handed over to the bank.

Saderat Bank of Iran, with the aim of generating its cash and non-cash resources and re-injecting these resources into the production cycle, as well as untangling people’s livelihoods in collecting claims, especially doubtful claims, is trying with the support of respected executive and judicial authorities, legally and through legal channels of claims. track yourself

Undoubtedly, pursuing the demands of the Saderat Bank of Iran is the pursuit of human rights, while in this year, which is called “inflation control, production growth”, generating resources with the aim of turning the wheels of production through granting facilities to economic enterprises and industrial centers in line with The menus of the Supreme Leader are evaluated.

In the same framework, Saderat Bank of Iran supported the creation of 31 thousand jobs by paying 38 thousand billion Rials of Qarz al-Hosna loan facilities during five months of this year, and by paying more than 130 thousand items of Qarz al-Hosna and support loans this year, its special role in helping and supporting It has fulfilled people’s livelihood, family formation, childbearing, employment, housing and treatment and other essential needs.

At the same time, Saderat Bank of Iran declares its readiness to resolve the mentioned issue through mediation negotiations and the clearing of the said property.

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