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Expressing the desire of oil companies to cooperate with Karafarin Bank

A member of the board of directors of Karafarin Bank pointed to the customization of services for companies and added: “In such seminars, banking services can be defined in a special package according to the needs of each company to provide better and more services for companies easily. . »

Seif Alishahi said that Karafarin Bank had more than 10 meetings with various companies in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals during the three days of the exhibition. “The meetings were held in a positive atmosphere and we reached tacit and verbal understandings with some companies,” he said. Their fields of activity range from oil and gas to petrochemicals and refining, and each has different needs depending on the type of activity. “These include requesting facilities, guarantees, letters of credit, conducting foreign exchange operations such as foreign exchange remittances, exchange offices, and so on.”

He pointed to the establishment of an initial memorandum of understanding with some companies and stressed: “The important point is to follow these implicit and verbal understandings so that the implementation phase can be entered immediately after the end of the exhibition.”

In the meetings held, initial understandings were reached for the provision of various types of banking services, about which Seif Alishahi said: “Banks should provide a set of services as financial supermarkets to manufacturing companies, and in addition to providing various types of banking services, leasing and insurance should be provided.” ; Especially leasing, which can solve many problems of production units, but also benefit more companies. The result is more discounts and lower service costs for companies. “As an entrepreneur bank, we followed the same path and made suggestions in the meetings.”

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Different banks were present at the Kish exhibition and each tried to enter into negotiations with companies based on their strengths.

Saif Alishahi said that one of the important advantages of Karafarin Bank is the openness of the bank’s Swift. . »

A member of the board of directors, in order to make better use of exhibitions such as Kish Petrochemical, proposed launching a system for registering companies’ applications and allowing banks to review them, saying: “In this system, companies register their applications and banks can Their coverage announces readiness. “The result is that the work output ends in a formal contract so that it can enter the implementation phase immediately after the exhibition is completed.”

The third exhibition and conference to support domestic manufacturing in the petrochemical industry with a special focus on the refining and petroleum industry with the presence of 350 companies, banks and enterprises was held for 3 days from March 2 this year at Kish Island Exhibition Center and Karafarin Bank effective presence It was in it.

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