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Faraji: Jabali ordered “Noon Kha 5” for us/ a large part of the charm of the series is due to the attractive and rich Kurdish culture.

According to Fars news agency, Mehdi Faraji, the producer of the “Noon Kha” series, said at the beginning: “In 2017, when we wanted to start the series and invited Mr. Aghakhani to direct, we did not think that we would achieve an ethnic, indigenous and national Iranian work.” Aghakhani accepted our proposal and said that it is better to take it to one of the ethnic groups and if we have a specific accent, dress and geography, it will be sweeter. Because he himself was a Kurd, he proposed to pay for the same ethnicity.

* Aghakhani said that if it is not an ethnic work, I am not interested in making it

He added: When we brought up the issue with the then Deputy Director of Sima, Mr. Dr. Mir Bagheri, he refused and said that the risk of working in an ethnic environment is high and problems and problems may arise and cause problems for the national media, so go to another job. But no matter what we thought, we did not reach a result and Aghakhani also said that if it is not an ethnic work, I am not interested in making it.

The former manager of Channel 1 recalled: We made an appointment again with the vice president of Sima and Mr. Zain El Abdin, the then manager of Channel 1, who helped us a lot at that time, and finally they agreed to make it on the condition that they watch the series before it airs. Ethnicity is one of the serious red lines of the national media and is very important. Thank God, it was not a problem when they saw the work.

*Kurds love “Nun Kha” very much

Faraji stated that over time the characters of the story became known and the series was accepted among the people, he emphasized: Kurds especially like work and it has made us work more easily, although we still take care of all the subtleties of the series so that God forbid you get offended. do not create

In response to the question of how “Nun Kha” reached the fourth season and lasted, he explained: The fact is that we made the first season, but the subsequent seasons were achieved with the insistence and follow-up and people’s requests from the national media. When we were working on the first season, Mr. Agakhani said that this is a work that will definitely reach the next seasons, and we had such a prediction from the beginning. During my time as a network manager, I also had an experience of making “Capital” and I knew that ethnic works would be liked by people if they were made in humorous and sweet language.

* The country’s movement towards an aging population is worrying

The producer of “Noon Kha” clarified about current issues such as population and child bearing: the topic chosen for the fourth season is one of the problems of the country and the discussion of population. The population is aging and this is worrying for the future, that’s why it was the main focus of our story and other adventures were designed around it. We always deal with the political and social issues of the country, and at the heart of our work, attention is paid to the issues of the day, these issues make the series alive, dynamic and refreshing.

Faraji pointed out that the major part of the success of “Nun Kha” is due to Agha Khani’s efforts, his knowledge about ethnicity, and of course the pen of our writer Mr. Vafaei, and continued: These two have an influential role. Along with these two dear ones, our actors and behind-the-scenes agents are effective. Even our artists are Kurds. Aghakhani himself and his colleagues auditioned in different Kurdish cities, hundreds of people sent films and actors were selected from among them, many of whom appeared in front of the camera for the first time.

The producer of “Noon Kha” said about the amount of participation he has in the production of the series: My specialty is that I am with the writer and director from the beginning of the text, and I am also present in the production and editing stage, and this is because of the love that Mr. Aghakhani has respect for me and says that your knowledge of the media and its rules is very good and your presence helps me, so I am close to friends at all stages.

*”Nun Kha” owes a large part of its charm to the attractive and rich Kurdish culture

Referring to the music of the series, he explained: In the Kurdish ethnicity, we have a unique language, clothes and music, and we tried to use all of these. Nonkh owes a large part of its charm to the richness and charm of the Kurdish ethnic culture, which also extends to the series, and hearing the voices of Kurdish singers was very attractive to people.

Faraji also said about the difficulties of making the credits of this series: The credits of the “Noon Kha” series have been filmed for several weeks in each season and we have filmed from the beautiful and eye-catching Kurdish regions of the country. Every time the beauties of 5 or 6 provinces of the country where there are footprints of our loved ones, we will specifically film and show them in the credits. We do not take this part of the work lightly and Agakhani is strict on the credits.

*Jabali ordered “Noon Kh. 5” for us

He stated that working with ethnic groups can be pleasant and guarantee the success of the work, and stated: I have to thank Dr. Jabali, the head of the organization, who helped the broadcast a lot to reach this new season. let’s talk about ethnicities and as they ordered us “Noon Kh 5” at the same time they pointed out that ethnicities should be seen much more than this.

*My mother was a fan of Peru Pakres series

Pointing out that the presence of many characters that we see in the series depends on the reception of the audience, he answered the question whether your mother, who passed away during Nowruz and was the mother of two martyrs, was a viewer of “Nun Kha”. He said: Yes. My mother was a big fan of my work, especially “Noon Kha”, and her opinions were very important to me. He always prayed for us and asked me about the time of airing of the series and the story.

In the end, Faraji explained about the features of “Noon Kh5”. Mr. Aghakhani is an important and serious pillar and a pillar of the Noon Kh tent and will definitely be present. Among the characters, I like Nuruddin the most.

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