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Fars Field Report on the latest status of protein products / ‌ The effect of intelligent distribution on reducing prices

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, field studies of the market of protein products indicate that the price of chicken is lower than in previous weeks and is sold at 2 thousand tomans lower than the approved rate, but the problem is that the sellers of chicken parts with prices They offer higher prices. These prices are up to 60,000 tomans per kilogram. In fact, selling a piece has become a way to make more profit, and sometimes sellers offer only a piece of chicken against customer demand.

In the meat market, prices tend to go up. The price of beef thigh meat has reached 158 thousand tomans per kilogram, mixed meat is 122 thousand tomans per kilogram. Pacheh has increased compared to recent weeks, for example, the tail is 90 thousand tomans per kilogram, which has increased by 30 thousand tomans per kilogram compared to the beginning of the year.

In fact, selling chicken, sheep, and beef at higher prices has become a ploy for sellers to increase their profit margins. Since the market regulation headquarters does not have an approved price for these parts, there is no supervision for them and the sellers sell as much as they can.

* Ignoring the ban on the sale of pieces of chicken

Of course, the sale of chicken pieces has been banned several times, but each time the government has shown flexibility against these sellers and abandoned strict controls.

March 7, 2010 ‌ Deputy Inspector and Supervisor of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization (صمتTehran province announced that the slicing of chicken by retail units is a violation.

April 1400 Deputy Inspector and Supervisor of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization (صمتTehran province said: chicken slicing by retail units is a violation.

In other words, the officials consider the sale of sliced ​​chicken as a factor to increase the price in the market, and whenever the market is under pressure, they prohibit the sale of sliced ​​chicken. Increase Sales of parts in the market This warning should be taken seriously.

Fars Field Report on the latest status of protein products / ‌ The effect of intelligent distribution on reducing prices

* Green light to increase the price of eggs

Fars reporter’s field study shows that the price of eggs in the shops of Tehran’s 19th district has two prices: imported eggs from Turkey are sold at a price of 43,000 Tomans, which according to the sellers is smaller, and domestically produced eggs at a price of 47,000 Tomans. Of course, Persian observations showhead Domestic production is smaller than imports.

According to Fars News Agency, some shops did not have eggs, which was due to the high price in the market.

The manager of a large store selling protein products in Tehran’s 19th district told a Fars reporter: “Today, the price of each carton of eggs reached 350,000 tomans, which means 54,000 tomans per comb, and because it might not have a customer due to its high price, I did not buy it.”

* Will the impact of smart distribution on the market last?

The smart distribution of basic goods, which started in December 1400, is a solution to reduce brokerage and intermediation and control the market price, which started with 5 items and has reached 9 items and is expected to increase to 25 items; The basis of this distribution is the Internet, which reaches the consumer through the minimum intermediary.

After the successful distribution of 5 basic items including chicken, eggs, rice, sugar and oil in the past month, the distribution of four items of dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt and butter is also on the agenda of online sales and smart distribution at the approved price. has taken.

Honestly, the price of chicken and eggs, which in recent months have been 40 thousand tomans per kilogram and 65 thousand tomans per comb ‌ر تومان Had arrived today is well controlled.

The Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives, which is now in charge of this intelligent distribution, should conduct a pathology so that these prices are temporary and fleeting, and traders invent new tricks, although it is necessary to further examine the possibility of rising egg prices.

* Salmon 78 thousand tomans

Fars reporter’s follow-up indicates that fish قزلAla has not backed down from its recent increases. Each kilo of this fish is sold for 78,000 Tomans.

A fisheries expert believes that the increase in fish prices has two reasons; Rising input prices and weaknesses in the distribution network.

Fars Field Report on the latest status of protein products / ‌ The effect of intelligent distribution on reducing prices

Nabiullah Khonmirzaei, head of the Fisheries Organization, believes that in addition to rising costs, which have reduced production, a faulty distribution network is another reason for rising fish prices.

According to the head of the Fisheries Organization, in order for fishery products, including fish, to reach the consumer, several hands are moved, and in fact the price that the producer receives for his product is much lower than what the product sells in the market.

‌Hon‌Mirzaei has also said that the fisheries distribution network is capable Marketing It does not have products, which is not the only reason: بتهOf course, production costs, including inputs and labor, have also increased, and selling at previous prices is not profitable for the producer.‌

* What do people say?

Asked by the people what they thought about the current prices of dairy, eggs and meat, the Fars correspondent said: “The government has the ability to reduce prices, as it did in the case of poultry and eggs. They expected this to decrease.” To be stable and to be created in other goods as well.

Some saidوگو They told a Fars reporter about the possibility of rising prices after the 4,200 Toman currency reform, and were unaware of the subsidy payment in this regard, and expected the government to make all these things clear before implementation.

The observations of the Fars correspondent indicate that the issue of reforming the 4,200 Toman currency has been raised in the market and among the people, and some profiteers have already welcomed the high prices and some justify the high prices with it.

Fars Field Report on the latest status of protein products / ‌ The effect of intelligent distribution on reducing prices

* Prices of various goods in the market

According to a Fars reporter, the prices per kilo of various protein products in the market, from chicken and meat to fish and mushrooms, are as follows:

Prices of a variety of protein products
Kala Price (Tomans)
Chicken 29800
Chicken breast with bones 34000
Chicken thigh without waist 29800
Boneless chicken breast 49000
chicken fillet 60,000
chicken wing 31000
Chicken shoulder 31000
Chicken waist 39000
Chicken neck 12000
Turkey 36500
Beef thigh 158000
Mince Meat 129000
Mutton thigh 148000
Salmon 78000
Mushrooms 46000
جگرگوساله 155000
Chicken heart 14000
Chicken liver 7500
سنگدان 14000
Chicken pie 6000
Calf paw 25500
Calf pen 12000
Calf head 30000
Sheepskin 40000
Tail 90000

Therefore, the report of Eid days and after that the holy month of Ramadan is ahead, on the other hand, the government has a plan to reform the currency by 4200 Tomans. Although the He has not announced a date for it, but its implementation is almost certain, so he should think about monitoring and managing prices and supporting the people.

Experts say the government should have sufficient reserves of basic items before implementing the subsidy reform system and pay cash subsidies to the people at least two months in advance.

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