Fidibo performance report in 1399

Fidebo is the first and largest online platform کتـاب Iran is an electronic and audio company that has been working hard since 1992. Ideas Majid Ghasemi and Mehdi Forouzan started working legally by focusing on providing e-books legally.

About 3 million installers and 1,180 publishers are now collaborating with the Fidebo app. In 1995, the Digikala Group invested in Fidibo and InDigid Fidget with the goal of entering the field of digital content along with cultural concerns as well as expanding its value chain in the field of e-commerce.

The close collaboration of the Fidebo collection with the most reputable Persian publishers has increased the amount of content presented on this platform to more than 100,000 titles, which is not being added daily. This content has a wide variety of different topics and popular classifications such as novels and stories, psychology and management, philosophy and history, social sciences, science and technology, courses, courses.

Due to the variety of topics and focus on providing the newest, most popular and best-selling titles in 1399, the number of users visiting the site and the application has increased. In addition, it is possible to provide a better presentation of audiobooks on Fidebo, which has become one of the most popular content on the bridge in the last two years. Also, in the year 99, the possibility of using more users abroad was made possible by taking advantage of the possibility of buying more currency.

The most popular spring season

In the spring of last year, Fidibo users spent more time reading or listening to books, as the corona peaked in Iran and they were forced to stay home longer. A look at the popular topics of this chapter shows that books in the category of “Psychology, Motivation and Personal Development” have been the most popular among users, which may indicate the desire of people to strengthen psychological foundations and personal development to face difficult situations and illness. . But at the same time as the stock market in Iran is heating up in the spring of 1999, we are witnessing the presence of a book in this field that has attracted the attention of users.

“Tang Fu, How to Deal with Difficult People” by Sam Horn and translated by Nafiseh Motakaf
“Crimes and Punishments” by Fyodor Dostoevsky and translated by Asghar Rastegar
“You Can’t Wreck My Day” by Alan Klein, translated by Nafiseh Motakaf
• “Man in search of meaning” by “Victor Frankl” translated by “Salehian Movement”
“Dignity Anxiety” by Alan Dubaten and translated by Zahra Bakhtari

Five best-selling books in the spring
• The novel “Klidar” written by “Mahmoud Dolatabadi”
“Uncle John Napoleon” by “Iraj Pezeshkzad”
“The Deer Husband” by Ali Mohammad Afghani
“No Friend Except the Mountain” by Behrouz Buchani

The most popular hot summer season

In this chapter, with the increase of interest in the capital market, we see the welcome of Fidebo users from books in this field, and of course, with the corona epidemic in this chapter, psychology and personal development books have once again overtaken novels and stories among translated books. .

Five best-selling books of Fidebo summer

Five bestsellers / translations
“Clearing the Mind to Succeed in Life” by Barry Downpert and translated by Shadi Hassanpour
“Composite Effect” by Darren Hardy and translated by Latif Ahmadpour
• “Except for the whole” by Steve Toltz and translation of “Khaksar Pact”
“Originalism” by Greg McKeown and translated by Behnam Shahangian
• “Nation of Love” written by “Elif Shafak” and translated by “Arsalan Safihi”

Five bestsellers / authors
“Symphony of the Dead” by Abbas Maroufi
• “Preparation for the Capital Market Principles Test” by “Mohammad Ahmadi”
• “Zero to one hundred investments in the stock market” by “Hojjat Bahadori”
• The book “Hosseini Epic” written by Martyr Morteza Motahhari
• “Empty Frames” by Fahim Attar

The most popular autumn season

The best-selling books written in the fall show that this is the best time to publish new fiction books. Given that Iqbal has outnumbered young Iranian novelists in recent years, the fall season has seen significant growth for a young writer such as Atieh Attarzadeh. Also among the translation books, we see the presence of the book “Suicide Shop” by “Jean Toli”, which was able to be among the top 5 works in the fall.

Five Fidibo Fall Books

Five bestsellers / translations

“Write to make it happen” by Henriet oclauser by Jahan Qutb Shahi
“Composite Effect” by Darren Hardy and translated by Latif Ahmadpour
“Toxic Parents” by Susan Forward and translated by Mina Fathi
“The Best Year of Your Life” by Darren Hardy and translated by Mohammad Mirzaei
“Suicide Shop” by Jean Tolly

Five bestsellers / authors

• “I, number three” by Atieh Attarzadeh
“976 days in the back streets of Europe” by Mohammad Delavari
“No Friend Except the Mountain” by Behrouz Buchani
• “Madness of Power and Illegal Power” by “Mohammad Reza Sargolzaei”
“Two Worlds” by Goli Targhi

The most popular in winter

In the winter, Fidibo users again in the translation section, works Psychology They chose, but in the compilation section, we saw the welcome of users from different books. From the great classic story of Alavi to the love story of Nader Ebrahimi. Despite the decline in the stock market, but a book written among the 5 selected works of this chapter is significant.

Five best-selling books of Fidibo winter

Five bestsellers / translations
• “Nation of Love” by “Shafak Fibers” and translated by Arsalan Fassihi
“Atomic Habits” by James Claire Translated by Hadi Bahmani
“Deep Work” by Carl Newport and injection by Nahid Maleki
“Toxic Parents” by Susan Forward and translated by Mina Fathi
• “Mindset” by “Carol Duke” and translated by “Shahla Soraya Sefat”

Five bestsellers / authors
“His eyes” written by Alavi
“Symphony of the Dead” by Abbas Maroufi
• “No friend except the mountain” by Behrouz Buchani
“A Quiet Romance” by Nader Ebrahimi
• “Preparation for the Capital Market Principles Test” by “Mohammad Ahmadi”

The best-selling audio books of each season

In the spring of 1999, with the rise of the Corona virus, it seemed natural for Fidibo users to look for works that could give them ways to feel better, and this trend continued throughout 1999 for audiobooks.

“23 Ways to Overcome Burnley” by S. جی. Scott “translated by” Amir Hossein Mirzaeian “and voiced by” Frank Yousefi “
“The Dark Side of Existence” by Debbie Ford, translated by Farnaz Foroud and voiced by Samira Javaherian
• “Ask to be given to you” written by “Esther Hicks” and translated by “Let the translation team be aware” with the voice of “Venus Safari”

“The Art of Clear Thinking” by Rolf Dubli and translated and voiced by Adel Ferdowsipour
“Unconsciousness” by Javier Carment, translated by a group of translators and voiced by Dadbeh Dadmehr
“When Nietzsche Wept” written by Ervin Yalom, translated by Sepideh Habib and voiced by Arman Sultanzadeh

“The Art of Clear Thinking” by Rolf Dubli and translated and voiced by Adel Ferdowsipour
“Composite work” written by Darren Hardy, translated by Akbar Abbasi and voiced by Arman Sultanzadeh
• “50 musts and must nots in married life” written and voiced by “Holakouee culture”

“The Art of Clear Thinking” by Rolf Dubli and translated and voiced by Adel Ferdowsipour
• “Four Covenants” written by “Don Miguel Ruiz” translated by “Del Ara Ghahraman” and voiced by “Nima Raisi”
“The Rich Father of the Poor Father” by Robert Kiyosaki, translated by Hengameh Khodabandeh and voiced by Mohsen Zarabadipour

The most popular Fidebo podcasts in ’99

Success podcast In 1999 shows once again that this new media can have its own audience. After reading Ferdowsi, the “Channel B” podcast was able to rank first among the most popular Fidibo podcasts, which shows the growing trend and stability of this podcast.

  1. چنل بی
  2. B Plus
  3. Ferdowsi reading
  4. String cast
  5. Porch

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