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Finder application; Find the lost ones

From cars to humans, cash to jewelry, home appliances to antiques, the app will help users find lost items.

With the release of some applications such as wall and trumpet, the process of registering new ads for free among Internet users flourished. Currently, this category of applications is one of the most important Persian language items that users use in different ways. However, there is now a similar app called Finder, which uses the same ad registration system to focus specifically on users’ missing items so that they can find their missing items or whatever they have found in a comprehensive environment. Record it.

In the continuation of this article from Digito, we will introduce the Finder application, which pursues a great and important goal in today’s society.

Introducing the finder application

Finder application; Find the lost ones 7

In the Finder app, just like the wall, users can register their missing items after reading the terms so that there is a comprehensive platform for identifying lost items. Despite the advancement of technology and the existence of some possible infrastructures, many human activities are now performed, such as shopping online and digitally. Therefore, having a platform to find lost items is also very important.

On the other hand, if you find a product along the way or anywhere else, you can record its information in the application to form a vast world of lost goods. For this reason, in addition to registering their lost items, users can also review the items found by other people so that they may be able to find their lost items in this way.

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