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The analysis of the transactions of the fourth week of May shows that the total index of the stock market increased by 1.94% from the level of two million and 278 thousand units to two million and 321 thousand units. In this way, the stock market became the leader of the financial markets in the fourth week of May. Will the stock market continue the same path in the first week of June?

According to Tejarat News, during the trading of the last week of May, the value of small transactions of the stock market was 12 thousand 274 billion tomans on average daily. So that the value of small transactions of the stock market on Saturday was 11 thousand 929 billion tomans, Sunday 14 thousand 737 billion tomans, Monday 12 thousand 223 billion tomans and on Wednesday 10 thousand 210 billion tomans.

It should be noted that the stock market needs to increase the value of transactions to stabilize its upward trend. Because the value of this week’s stock market transactions was relatively low. Capital market experts have predicted the trend of the market and selected stocks in the first week of June.

The lead of rial shares

Capital market analyst Fardin Aghabozouri told Tejarat News about the market trends in the coming week: “Assuming no direct intervention and no changes in trading infrastructure, the market will be positive and growing next week.”

He added: “After correcting the organization’s previous decisions of not changing the share guarantee factor and giving a deadline to fixed income funds to sell shares, the market found a balanced trend.”

As predicted by capital market experts, the stock market will experience balanced transactions in the first week of June; Forecasts also indicate the growth of rial stocks this week.

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