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According to Tejarat News, the stock market ended the last week of October while the total stock index grew by only 0.19% and finally stopped at the height of 2 million and 23 thousand units. However, the situation of small and medium-sized companies in the market this week was worse than the index makers; Based on this, the equal weight index decreased by 0.57% and reached the level of 682 thousand units.

Another noteworthy point about the state of the stock market in the last week of October is the volume and value of transactions and the balance of real money, which can give a better view of the market conditions. During this week, the stock market averaged 6.860 billion shares, and the average value of retail transactions reached 3.905 billion tomans. In the end, about 1,880 billion Tomans of real money was withdrawn from the stock market to show that the Iranian capital market is still burning in the fire of mistrust and that the indexing effort has not been able to save it from the swamp of stagnation.

But will this dire situation continue in the market? Will the stock market start a new movement during the last two days of October and the first days of November in the coming week? In the next week, which group of industries will be of interest to shareholders? Capital market experts have answered these questions in Tejaratnews weekly survey.

The highest and lowest returns of stock market symbols in the last week of Mehr

It should be noted that a look at the performance of the high-yielding symbols of the stock exchange in the fourth week of October indicates that Zangan and Sasharq increased by about 24% in five working days, reaching the levels of 8,075 and 1,435 tomans, respectively. A look at Zangan’s price chart shows that two levels of 6701 and 8686 Tomans have been identified as the most important support and resistance of this share. Also, 1,258 and 1,729 Tomans are two important balances for Sasharq, and if they fail, the share trend will be determined. In addition, Tfars, Sedasht and Thepardis were other high-yielding shares of the exchange, which had a 19% return this week.

On the other hand, Saman was still at the beginning of the queue of low yield shares and had a 15% price drop. Thus, at the end of the week, Saman was at the level of 2199 Tomans, and in the next week it will fluctuate between two supports of 1771 Tomans and resistance of 3125 Tomans. Kasadi was another low-yielding share of the market, which decreased by 15% and reached 619 tomans. Also, Sesefha, Kurz and Ghabnoush had a decrease of about 14% this week and were other low-yielding shares of the capital market.

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