Forecast of the stock market on Monday, July 19, 1402 / the sleep of the glass hall in the shadow of the adjustment of expectations

According to Tejarat News, the stock market did not have a favorable situation on Sunday. More than 70% of the symbols stood on the negative side of the swing range. Meanwhile, the majority of negative market shares in petrochemical groups were mineral. On the other hand, Fouldah Group experienced a better situation compared to the market as a whole due to the good report of Arfa Fouldah Company.

Stock exchange transactions took place while the total index behaved in the direction of the previous day. So that the main index of the glass hall faced a drop of 18 thousand 772 units, which is equivalent to 0.86% of this index. Based on this, the total index stood at the level of two million and 176 thousand units at the end of Sunday trading.

Also, the equal weight index behaved in line with the total index and reached the level of 770,824 units with a decrease of 0.85%.

Tehran Stock Exchange under the microscope of statistics and figures

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange shows the volume of Sunday’s transactions at 10 billion and the value of retail transactions at 6,932 billion tomans, which includes stocks, preemptive rights and mutual funds.

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people indicates the withdrawal of real people’s capital from the stock market. The index of capital inflows and outflows at the end of Sunday’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 288 billion tomans from shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds.

Prudent adjustment of stock market participants’ estimates

For some time now, the value of the American bill against the Rial has been relatively stable. The limited fluctuation range of the dollar in the range between 49,700 and 50,650 has caused analysts to be more cautious in estimating their expected profit. This factor has caused no particular fluctuation in the stock market.

On the other hand, it is still impossible to deny the continued effect of the decision to increase the feed rate of petrochemicals and the rate of industrial gas. It is natural that analysts’ estimated profits will decrease compared to previous months. By understanding these fundamental developments, which are partly due to policymakers and partly due to policies related to international relations, we can find the root of the stagnation in stock market transactions.

Currently, there is no reason to charge the Tehran Stock Exchange and no reason for further decline in stock prices. If the exchange rate or global commodity rates jump, we can expect the beginning of market movements. Otherwise, shareholders and market participants will face a suffering and low-profile market.

Experts expect that with the possible growth of the dollar in the coming months, companies will face profitability growth, and as a result, the stock price will increase and the overall market trend will rise.

Monday stock market forecast

According to the political situation as well as the parameters in the macro economy, stocks whose sales rates are not subject to the dollar rate in the short term will be favored by the market. Groups such as cement and food are such industries.

On the other hand, due to the location of the crowded market, DPS-oriented stocks, or in other words, stocks that have a good dividend, will probably meet with the luck of the market people.

Regarding the prediction of the Monday stock exchange, experts believe that if important news is not published in order to charge the demand flow and benefit the shareholders, it is likely that another negative balanced day will be ahead with the value of the transactions almost unchanged.

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