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According to Tejarat News, the relative retreat of the dollar has slightly reduced the power of stock market buyers. At the same time, it seems that the negative excitement caused by the policies of the new head of the central bank has decreased, and on the other hand, with the publication of the details of the budget bill and the increase, albeit a small amount, of the exchange rate, the balance between buyers and sellers has been established.

At the end of today’s trading, the main indicator of the Glass Hall decreased by 0.12 percent, 1,910 units, and reached a height of 1,591,373 units. On the other side of the market, where the equal-weight total index is the same representative of all the active trading symbols of the market, it acted against its counterpart and took a step in the green direction of the capital market.

At the end of today’s trading flow, the total weighted index grew by 0.48%. This growth increased the height of this index by two thousand and 281 units and placed it in the range of 475 thousand and 417 units.

Growth in the value of retail transactions

The positive point of today’s market was the relative increase of the transaction value index. The value of retail transactions (shares + rights of pre-emption) during the current day was in the range of 8,603 billion tomans to increase by 23% compared to the value of the previous day’s transactions. However, the investigation of the ownership statistics of real people indicates that these people’s capital has been withdrawn from the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index reports the outflow of 242 billion tomans from the stock market.

Thus, the map of Tehran Stock Exchange today with the presence of 272 green symbols and 356 negative symbols represented the balance between the power of buyers and sellers in the market. But what will be the trading process tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s stock market forecast

These days, although the volume of transactions is high, these transactions face many fluctuations due to the different approaches of traders. Some investors have started a long-term strategy to enter some shares by looking at the inflation outlook. But in the meantime, due to the risks imposed on the market by the money market and the central bank, some other actors have decided to leave.

Based on what has been said, some market experts believe that it is still too early to provide a complete definition of market behavior and the highs and lows of these days cannot be considered a definite trend.

Especially since the capital market is still worried about the government’s budget decisions; Decisions that generally affect export-oriented companies and, accordingly, have partially slowed down the market of index-making symbols.

In the meantime, it should be noted that although the capital market is behind compared to its competitors such as the dollar, gold and coins, but as it is evident from the value of the market and the P/E of some companies, the stock market is prone to growth in the long term. But will long-term investors enter the trading arena soon?

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