Forecasting the Dollar, Gold and Coin Markets / A Look at the Financial Markets July 5, 1401

According to Tejarat News, today the price of the national exchange dollar decreased by 32 Tomans compared to the previous day. Gold and coin prices also fell. Gold re-entered the channel of one million and 300 thousand tomans.

Bitcoin forecasting

narrated by Online Economy“I think given this price reduction, from the highest level of 68,000 to 20,000 right now, it will probably take some time to get back to the previous price, which will probably take a few months or a few years,” Zhao said. “No one can predict the future.”

He added: “We think $ 20,000 is too low today. But you know, in 2018 and 2019, if you told people that Bitcoin would reach $ 20,000 in 2022, they would be very happy. In 2018 and 2019, the price of Bitcoin was 3 thousand and 6 thousand dollars, respectively.

According to Quinn Desk, Bitcoin traded at $ 20,491 on Wednesday, reaching levels not seen since late 2020 over the weekend.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been affected by a number of factors, including a decline in the stock market, which has been linked to rising inflation and subsequent increases in central bank interest rates. Rising rates – the way the US, British and Swiss central banks did last week – could reduce the attractiveness of risky assets.

Stock forecasting

In an interview with Tejarat News, Hossein Morid Sadat, a capital market expert, said: “The decrease in the value of transactions and the lack of cash flow do not allow the stock market to grow, and based on this, it is likely that tomorrow’s trading balance will be negative.”

forecasting gold price

Mojtaba Diba, a financial markets expert, told Tejarat News: “Domestic gold was in a space that could not be counted on as a safe and high-yield investment.” In fact, if we were to separate the inflation outlook from it, considering the current amount of liquidity in the country, reaching the channel of 1.5 million Tomans for gold was unlikely.

He continued: The current trend of gold is in the range that if the channel can not maintain 1.5 million tomans and break the barrier of 1 million and 370 thousand tomans, it is possible to go down to 1 million and 290 thousand tomans.

Diba also said that if the price wants to stabilize at levels above 1.5 million, it needs to stay above this range for some time.

The expert also said about the global ounce: The global ounce has also become vulnerable due to US interest rate pressure and the possibility of lower prices.

Dollar price forecast

Diba also said that due to the government’s move in the name of economic surgery and price liberalization, a spring was released from the perspective of inflation in the society, which showed itself in the free dollar price.

He stated about his prediction of the future of the market: If nothing special happens in the political atmosphere of the society, the dollar exchange rate will be adjusted to some extent.

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