Frizzy hair in women is a sign of lack of which vitamin?

According to the online economy report, some people sometimes face severe hair blowing, especially if the air humidity level increases. But the problem of frizzy hair is not always related to air humidity, but sometimes it happens due to lack of vitamins. But in general, what are the causes of hair loss among women? Lack of which vitamins can really cause hair loss?

Some women’s hair loss problem depends on various reasons:

Natural waves in the hair: Those who naturally have wavy and curly hair are more prone to frizz because the natural structure of their hair is prone to this. The hair cuticle, which is considered the outermost layer of the hair, is no longer smooth due to damage, and as a result, it creates the problem of frizzy hair.
Environmental conditions: The role of environmental conditions is as important as the inherent structure of the hair. The humidity in the air can force the hair to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment and as a result cause the hair to become frizzy.
Use of heat styling tools: Continuous use of heat styling tools for hair and the contact of chemical compounds with the hair damage the hair cuticle and eventually cause hair breakage.
Vitamin deficiency and hair loss

Vitamin deficiency alone is not the main cause of hair loss, but the deficiency of some vitamins can really harm the general health of the hair. Therefore, the lack of the following vitamins can indirectly contribute to hair loss:

Biotin: Biotin is one of the most important vitamins related to hair health, which plays an important role in the flexibility and resistant texture of hair. Biotin deficiency can aggravate the vulnerability of hair, disturb the structural integrity of hair and finally aggravate the problem of hair breakage.
Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps regulate the hair growth cycle and is therefore very important for the production of healthy and high-quality hair strands.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the important vitamins for strengthening hair health. This vitamin helps reduce inflammation, increases hair hydration, and keeps hair in optimal health.
To deal with the problem of hair loss, which happens due to the lack of the mentioned vitamins, you must have a healthy and balanced diet that provides all these vitamins to the body. To get biotin, you can use eggs, raw nuts (especially almonds and walnuts), whole grains and leafy vegetables.

You also need raw nuts, raw seeds, spinach and avocado to get vitamin E. Certain food sources such as fatty fish and fortified dairy products are also suitable for getting vitamin D. In addition to diet, you can get help from various masks containing biotin and vitamin E compounds for hair.

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