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Get to know old age, its symptoms and ways to treat it

Whether we like it or not, problems arise for us as we age. The ear is no exception to this rule, and for the ear, it happens All kinds of ear diseases Or shows other problems. One of these common problems is deafness. What does old phone mean now? Old age is more common in the elderly and with age, so that the hearing of the ear gradually disappears and the sounds are not heard clearly. Hearing changes due to aging are generally called aging. This is why when you talk to older people they ask you to speak louder or ask you to repeat your sentence. Join us in this article from Gholhak Hearing Aid Center.

Cause of hearing loss

Environment, genetics, as well as diseases or the use of certain drugs are very important factors in hearing loss. We discuss each of them below.

Environmental factors

We have repeatedly said in our articles what the irreparable consequences of being exposed to loud noises are, for example, those whose job is to work with heavy and noisy machines are more exposed to this problem.


Some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and infectious diseases, can greatly affect a person’s hearing. So it is better to take care of your health and prevent many diseases by avoiding them.


First of all, never take any medicine on your head. Even aspirin and be sure to consult your doctor for medication. This is because some medications that you do not even think about, such as antibiotics, can have devastating effects on a person’s auditory nerve if used on their own.

The best way to diagnose deafness

Most older people complain of progressive hearing loss in their ears, which can be a sign of an old earphone. The best way to diagnose hearing loss is to see an audiologist, who will perform a variety of hearing tests to determine if the person is aging.

Complications of old phone

Keep in mind that deafness is also common in people over the age of 40 and usually occurs in both ears. Hearing tinnitus, isolation, inattention, irritability, withdrawal, and Alzheimer’s are some of the symptoms that can occur to a person that severely affect a person’s quality of life and cause depression. So it is better to think about its treatment very quickly.

Treatment of old age

The best treatment for hearing loss is the use of hearing aids, such as hearing aids, and medications are not usually considered for hearing loss. Hearing aids help a person’s hearing by amplifying sounds. The type of hearing aid is considered according to the degree of hearing loss. Of course, one of the most common treatments for the elderly is cochlear implants. To provide a variety of hearing aids prescribed to reputable hearing centers Selling all kinds of hearing aids See.

The best hearing center

The most important thing about deafness is the diagnosis and choosing the right treatment for it. To solve all kinds of your hearing problems, you can visit us at Gholhak Hearing Aid Center. We are proud to have been at your service for more than thirty years, dear clients. In our center, if you prescribe hearing aids, you can get the best and highest quality brands from The latest Attic hearing aids Buy Siemens, Funak, Videx, Bernafon and برند brands at a very reasonable price and in installments.

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