Gilani: Judo Federation should not be suspended I will return to wrestling / I was opposed to my presence in two disciplines

According to IRNA, rumors surfaced last week that the Judo Federation had threatened the athletes to participate in the selection of the national women’s wrestling team and asked them to participate only in judo.

For this reason, the IRNA correspondent spoke with Reyhaneh Gilani to find out the truth of this story. Gilani, who competes in both judo and wrestling, has a history of winning gold medals at Kyrgyzstan’s Eriknbayev Grand Prix; However, he has returned to the national judo team.

Gilani, referring to the fact that I was a shipwright first, said: “First I was working in a classic ship; But after two or three years when the classic wrestling competitions were not held, I had to work in Alish wrestling.

He added: “Of course, I did judo at the same time for about two years.” However, due to the suspension of the Judo Federation, I was also present on Alish wrestling and my activity in judo was a hobby for me.

The Iranian women’s judo national team noted: “I have now returned to judo and was selected as the first person in the national team weighing less than 70 kg, and my chances of being sent to Islamic games are high.” I worked in the same weight on Alish ship.

Gilani, in response to the question that he was on the verge of selecting the national team of Alish wrestling to participate in the Asian Championships and why he preferred to return to judo at this time, said: Judo is an Olympic discipline and that is why I preferred to work in judo. To; But Alish is a world champion and an Asian champion.

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Reacting to the question of whether the Judo Federation threatened her to return to the national team, the Iranian women’s judo team said: “There is no threat and it was my personal choice to evaluate the situation and decide which field is preferable and I can.” Get more medals.

Noting that the Judo Federation opposes our dual discipline, he said: “Judo officials have stated that we can not be nationals in judo at the same time and also operate on the Alish ship.”

Gilani, in response to the question whether it is possible to return to the national team of Alish wrestling or not, continued: If the Judo Federation does not get out of suspension, I will return to Alish wrestling.

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