Global stock markets rose

In a clear warning to the US economy, the index of optimism for the US economy reached 46.8 points by the end of September, which is 1.7 percent lower than the figure recorded in the previous month. Due to this trend, the inflow of new capital into various sectors of the US economy is expected to slow down and the government will be forced to inject more liquidity directly into the markets. Work on the government’s proposed $ 1 trillion bill in the Senate will begin soon.

Yuko Ishizuki, a senior investment expert at the Daewoo Securities Institute, said the TOM rate remains a concern in most parts of the world as it makes it harder for central banks to implement new post-Corona policies. In the United States, we have seen inflation stay above 4 percent for a long time, and if this continues, it can lead to stickiness in the prices of essential items, which in turn makes it more difficult to reduce inflation.

US Stock Exchange Status

On Wall Street, all indicators were bullish; To the extent that all three main stock market indices closed at a higher level than the day before.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 1.26 percent higher than the previous day at 34,41.48.

The S&P 500 rose 1.50 percent to 4364.86 points and the other major US stock index, the Nasdaq Composite, rose 1.66 percent to 14,492.30.

Climbing European stock exchanges

In European stock markets, the London Stock Exchange’s “Fotsy 100” index closed 0.94% higher than the previous day and closed at 7077.10 points.

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The “Dex 30” index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany ended its work with an increase of 1.05 percent and stood at 15,194.49 units, and the “Coke 40” index of the Paris Stock Exchange advanced 1.52 percent to the level of 6576.28. The unit was closed.

In Madrid, the Ibex 35 index rose 1.54 percent to 8927.40 points.

Performance index of Asian stock exchanges

In Asian stock exchanges, indices performed differently; The Nikkei 225 index on the Tokyo Stock Exchange fell 0.28 percent to 27,822.12 points. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Hong Kong Index rose 0.49 percent to close at 24,104.15.

In China, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.67 percent to close at 4,866.38. In Australia, the S&PS & S 200 Index of the Sydney Stock Exchange closed 0.41% lower and stood at 7248.35 points. Among other important Asian indicators, Japan’s Topix was down. (The criterion for calculating price changes was the closing time of the daily trading on the New York Stock Exchange.)


In the black gold market, the price trend was upward. West Texas Intermediate rose 1.28 percent to $ 79.03 a barrel, Brent North Sea crude traded up 0.94 percent at $ 82.68 a barrel.

Gold and silver

Also in the precious metals market, the price of an ounce of gold traded down 0.45% compared to the previous day at $ 1762.55. Silver traded up 0.11 percent at $ 22.65 an ounce.

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