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According to Tejarat News, read further information about the transfer of justice shares to the survivors.

Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, Chairman of the Parliament’s Economic Commission, gave explanations regarding the transfer of equity shares to the survivors and the stabilization of the exchange rate.

It was previously announced that the amount of shares assigned to each beneficiary is equal to a maximum of 100 million Rials with a 50% discount in annual installments for 10 years.

Who is entitled to equity?

Razieh Zolnoorian, Director General of the Privatization Organization’s Equity Affairs Office, regarding the recipients of equity shares, says: In relation to those who are left with equity shares, based on the resolution approved by the government board, conditions were provided for us in line with the implementation of the budget law. 1401, those who are covered by the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the welfare organization of the whole country, the first three tenths of the income of the society and the sacrificers, become shareholders of justice shares.

The spokesperson of the country’s Equity Equity Center said: This year, the identification of vulnerable groups under the cover of support institutions for the allocation of equity equity is being done.

Heydari, the spokesperson of the country’s equity center, said: “The parliament has approved a law for the survivors of equity shares, and the government has also announced that welfare, the Imam Khomeini (RA) relief committee and other supporting institutions are obliged to identify the vulnerable groups under their cover for allocating equity shares.”

He says: Until next year, equity shares will be allocated for people covered by support institutions, and this year we do not have a plan for other classes.

The spokesperson of the country’s Equity Association said: “There is no legal authority to register equity shares in person or in person.”

He says: Text messages containing links about equity shares are frauds, and some Internet cafes trick citizens into registering for the Sejam instead of equity shares, while the registration of equity shares is not done.

Heydari said: “Adalat’s dividend can be tracked through its website, citizens must check their Shabai number after visiting this website.

He says: The phone number 1569 answers citizens’ questions about equity shares.

The spokesperson of Shaham Adalat Center of the country said: Eighty percent of the citizens have 532 thousand tomans of equity certificates, and the deposit interest of this stage was 600 thousand tomans for them.

Details of dividend payment for equity share survivors

49 million entitled to equity shares were supposed to receive their equity dividends from December 29 to December 1. However, some beneficiaries have not received any benefits yet. Where should the survivors of equity turn?

Equity dividends have been paid, but a number of equity equity holders did not receive any interest. The follow-ups show that this group is probably the same people whose Shabai numbers are invalid.

The non-payment of equity dividends is not this year’s problem, and this issue is repeated every time, and the reason for this is the incorrect information on the shareholders’ registration numbers.

The reason for not paying equity dividends

The head of the stock exchange organization also mentioned the same reason for the non-depositing of equity share dividends for some people and said: the owners of equity shares must have completed their information in the Sejam system in order to receive dividends. So far, about 44 million people have completed their information and about 1.5 million people have not completed their information in the Sejam system, and it is not possible to deposit interest for these people.

The director of Central Deposit interest payment also mentioned the same reason for the non-depositing of equity dividends and said equity dividends are deposited into shareholders’ accounts through the banking network, and if there are any problems in the accounts of individuals, the deposited amount is returned and until If the said account is not corrected, it is not possible to deposit equity dividends.

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