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Google is working on the development of its second foldable phone

Google finally in May this year and at the same time as the conference I/O developers It unveiled its first folding phone called the Pixel Fold, and now a Google executive has confirmed that the company’s second folding mobile phone is under construction.

Ivy Ross, Head of Hardware Product Design Googlein an episode of the official Made By Google podcast, confirmed that the company is developing The second folding phone Works. Apparently, Google has been working on the design of another folding phone before, but due to the fact that the folding mobile phone was not good enough to be released to the market, it was not introduced at the same time as the Pixel Fold. Now the words of the manager of the product design department show that this company is working on its second folding mobile phone.

Google is working on its second foldable phone

In a recent podcast, Ivy Ross explains that she’s really proud of her team and points out that the second phone wasn’t good enough, and that’s why they decided to spend more time on development at a better time than the second foldable phone. Reveal yourself. The product manager confirms that by spending time on the second flip phone, they will launch a better product.

It is not yet known precisely the second Folding mobile phone With what design and specifications Google will be available to users. It is not even clear exactly how this new mobile phone opens and how it opens is similar to which Samsung folding mobile phone.

This is while Samsung has already admitted that Galaxy Z Flip devices will account for about 70% of the total sales of foldable mobile phones released in 2021. Recently, the company announced that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 also accounts for about 60 percent of foldable phone sales in Europe, compared to 40 percent of the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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