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Governor of Yazd: We are obliged to interpret laws and regulations for the benefit of the people

According to the Yazd governor’s public relations report on Saturday, Mehran Fatemi, in a meeting to review the development strategies of Pishgaman dry port, called this complex a successful model and a model of cooperative-based economy with the religious and indigenous culture of the province and added: Ongoing in the context of this cooperative, it is innovative, and this idea, thought and innovation, is the key to success and the factor of creating a competitive advantage of this collection.

He further referred to some of the demands of the pioneer group and stated: Entrepreneurs and capital owners are in the economic war of inequality today to continue activities and development and progress of the province and the country, and managers and officials should gather in the form of economic war support headquarters and Be a real supporter of the production and labor sector.

Fatemi said that the selection of the slogans of the year with the focus on economic issues by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution for 10 consecutive years shows the importance of this issue in the country and added: Create and pursue issues with seriousness and concern until the result is achieved.

The governor of Yazd, while attending the Pishgaman dry port complex, while examining the issues and capacities of the complex, closely visited the different parts of this complex.

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