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Granting 2,500 episodes of Sima’s productions to licensed platforms – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the public relations of the Organization for the Regulation of Ubiquitous Audio and Video Media in Virtual Space (Satra), Saeed Moghiseh, the head of Satra, appeared in the news segment at 10:30 on the Khabar network about the monitoring system of people’s complaints about the audio and video platforms. (Sapra), explained Satra’s role in improving the content status of platforms and providing Satra-supported content to licensed platforms.

In response to the question of how Satra monitors the content of the platforms, Moghiseh said: Satra monitors the content of the home television network in several ways. One way is to monitor our colleagues in the monitoring department. The second method is to use artificial intelligence and machine systems, and the third method, which is very important for us, is to use the opinion of the audience and the people. have themselves through it.

He continued: This system has different parts. People’s complaints are investigated in the fields of content, intellectual property violations, fake and false news, advertisements and technical problems.

By announcing that in August of this year, we had 255 complaints that could be investigated, the head of Satra stated: The difference between the Sapra system and what exists in the VODs itself is that in the “Sapra” system, one of our colleagues is responsible for handling complaints in order to solve the problem. follow up

About other actions taken by Satra in order to improve the content status of the platforms, Moghiseh said: Satra’s actions to improve the content status of the platforms are divided into three parts; Positive, negative, managerial and procedural actions. The “Sapra” system is included in the category of management measures and a process that if the responsible person of the platform or the relevant auditor does not notice the violation for any reason, Satra will follow up the violations by receiving public reports.

He added: Following up on children’s age classification and creating a parental control service on the platforms is one of the other management and process measures of Satra to improve the content situation. Until the beginning of this year, 20 platforms had parental control service, which fortunately has now reached 60 platforms.

The head of Satra further said about Satra’s actions during Arbaeen days: One of Satra’s actions on behalf of Radio and Television for licensed platforms, whose number has now reached 410 platforms, is to consider monthly content packages suitable for the occasions of that month. So far, Satra has provided 15 content packages to the platforms, the content of each of these packages is no less than 100, and a total of 2,500 content episodes have been presented to friends.

He added: On the occasion of the Arbaeen days, the series “Mokhtarnameh”, “Afra”, “Safer Sabz”, the programs “Chalcharagh”, “These Nights”, “Hosseinieh Iran” and the movie “Stare Sharq” and on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Reza, peace be upon him. In the last days of the month of Safar, the “Province of Love” series has been provided to the licensed platforms, fortunately, the platforms had a good reception of the Arbaeen package and 163 platforms used this package.

Moqiseh continued: Another event that happened due to the efforts of the “Rasta” congregation and the platforms during the Arbaeen days was the sharing of Arbaeen content by the platforms.

At the end of this conversation, the head of Satra said about the future content package of this organization for the platforms: God willing, we will provide the licensed platforms with a related content package in common formats with the prevailing topic of “hope”.

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