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Granting a facility of 20 million tomans for the purchase of handicrafts only with a national card and a valid checkbook

According to the report of Aria’s Heritage reporter, Maryam Jalali announced this news and said: All people who visit the Tehran Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition can use this facility at the exhibition site, which is paid by the Omid Entrepreneurship Fund.

He added: A total of 30 billion Tomans have been allocated for this issue, and those interested in buying handicraft products by attending the Tehran Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition can enjoy this facility up to 20 million Tomans by presenting a valid national card and checkbook.

The Deputy Minister of Handicrafts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts added: The facility rate is 8-12% and besides the possibility of buying from the stalls of the Tehran Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition, it is possible for applicants to buy from stores in the city that have bank acceptance devices for this fund. do

The 16th International Tourism Exhibition and the 36th National Handicrafts Exhibition will be held from 18 to 21 Bahman at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibition.

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