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Haft Sin Networks/ “Number 10” will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

According to the reporter of Fars News Agency TV, these days TV channels with prominent Iranian and world movies are guests of Iranians’ homes and every day dozens of important and well-known movies are aired on different TV channels. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 12, films such as “Number 10”, “Twenty-one days later”, “Rebellious Flames” and… will be broadcast. In this report, the best cinematographic works of Iran and the world that will be broadcasted tomorrow on “Heftseen Networks” will be introduced.

*One TV network

The new movie “Number 10” directed by “Hamid Zargranjad” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 4:00 PM on Ik Sima channel.

In the synopsis of this movie, it is stated: Running away from here is the best way because we are all afraid of it…

Majid Salehi, Hossam Manzoor, Siamak Safari, Behrang Alavi, Mehdi Zamin Pardaz, Sahra Asadollahi and Ahmad Kavari are the actors of the movie “Number 10”.

* Do Sima network

The new movie “Troa” directed by “Mohammed Alizadeh Fard” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 23:00 on Do Sima channel.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

In this movie, we will see: Bahadur is a member of the Mojahedin Khalq organization, who plans to assassinate one of the commanders of the front, but by mistake, he assassinates his twin brother and…

Linda Kiani, Mehdi Zamin Pardaz, Ali Ostadi, Afshana Seherah Azad, Payam Ahmadiniyya and Tomaj Behzad Daneshi have played in the movie “Troa”.

* Three TV network

The new movie “Broadpeak Peak” directed by “Lejak David” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 00:30 am on Se Sima channel.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

In this film, starring Maja Ostaszewska, David Ogrodnik and Marcin Czarnik, you will see: a group of Polish mountaineers fail in their attempt to climb the Broad Peak of the 8,000-meter peaks of the Himalayas. Masij, one of the members of the group, decides to continue this ascent from another path, on his own insistence and together with another member. He finally manages to conquer the peak alone with great difficulty, but on the way back, he gets stuck on the ground and the rescue team takes him down in difficult conditions. Masij is honored and received many awards and he and his family are overwhelmed with happiness in this success that three months later Masij announced in an article that Masij did not actually conquer the peak but reached the pre-peak which is only seventeen meters from the main peak. distanced When Masaj behind the wireless announces that he has conquered the peak, at first they don’t doubt either, but…

* Chahar Sima network

The new movie “Missile Making: The Nambi Effect” directed by “Madhavan” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 20:30 on Chahar Sima channel.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

In the synopsis of the movie starring Rajit Kapoor, Simran and Madhavan, it is stated: Nambi is a young Indian genius who after finishing his studies in America gets a scholarship from NASA. At the end of the course, due to his interest in his country, he returned to India and went on a mission to France for a training course, where he got acquainted with advanced space technologies in various ways and succeeded in producing cryogenic rockets. Kambi and Webb are arrested on charges of selling missile secrets to Pakistan. After years of imprisonment and the destruction of his personal life, he is found innocent and returns to his job and…

Panch Sima network

The new animated film “Sea Monster” directed by “Chris Williams” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 9:00 on Channel Five.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

This animation follows the story of a young girl named Missy Bramble, who is looking for glory, fame and great adventures on the ship of Jacob Holland, the legendary monster hunter. The story takes place in a period when huge sea creatures terrorize defenseless ships that…

The new movie “My Dear Girl” directed by “Don Mancini” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 14:00 on Channel Five.

Starring Brad Dourif, Zachary Arthur, Theo Brivens and Olivia Allen Lind, Amanda has cancer and her husband Ray Cooper and daughter Shreechel take care of her in the hospital, until the doctor announces that a drug owned by the company Bioprime medicine managed by Simon Keely can speed up the treatment process. But when the drug is taken off the market, Ray calls Kaylee’s TV show and threatens to kill her husband if he dies. Amanda dies and a reporter named Martin Bennett calls Ray and says that he has evidence that the pharmaceutical company has committed violations, but Martin and Ray are killed and Rachel…

* Namayesh Channel

The movie “Lamborghini” directed by “Bobby Moresko” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 01:30 am on the show network.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

The synopsis of the film starring Gabriel Byrne, Mira Sorvino and Frank Grillo is as follows: young Ferruccio Lamborghini, who has returned home from the army, immediately after his return goes to two things, the first is Clea, his fiancee who later becomes his wife, and the second is his ambitious idea. To establish a factory to make powerful and cheap tractors. Ferruccio and his best friend and partner Matteo build a racing car and proceed with the hope of making money but end up losing money. In the meantime, Ferocho’s baby is born, but Kelia dies during childbirth, and her friendship and partnership with Mateo also breaks down. In the following, we will jump to the golden years of Ferrocho. He is married to a woman named Anita and now the Lamborghini factory makes tractors, heaters and coolers, but he still dreams of making a sports car. Next, Ferrucci goes to Enzo Ferrari, the owner of the Ferrari car factory, and the competition between Lamborghini and Ferrari begins and…

The movie “Quiet Girl” directed by “Colum Bayrid” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 11:00 on the show channel.

In this movie starring Catherine Clinch, Carrie Crowley and Andrew Bennett, we will see: A country girl has to spend the summer days with an old couple of their relatives because of her family’s poverty. He, who was not noticed in his family, establishes a very intimate and deep connection with this old couple and…

The movie “Twenty-one Days Later” directed by “Syed Mohammad Reza Khardmendan” will be broadcasted on Saturday, April 12 at 13:00 on Show Network.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

This movie is the story of a teenage boy named Morteza who lives with his sick mother and his little brother after his father’s death. Morteza’s mother makes a living by washing and ironing people’s clothes and is suffering from a serious illness. Morteza aspires to become a filmmaker and has a story for this, but one day, after taking money from his mother to rent a camera, he goes to the pharmacy to get his mother’s medicine and finds out that his mother has an expensive medicine that if she doesn’t use it, she will be paralyzed. Morteza first sells his screenplay and then tries different ways to earn money such as playing computer games and…

Sara Bayat, Hamidreza Azarang, Amirhossein Sediq, Sina Razani, Jalal Fatemi, Mehdi Ghorbani and Alireza Ostadi have acted as artists in the movie “Twenty One Days Later”.

The movie “The Old Man and the Gun” directed by “David Lavery” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 15:00 on the show network.

This movie stars Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, Tom Waits and Tika Sumpter; Narrator of the risky story of Forrest Tucker and his escape from San Quentin prison at the age of 70 to form an unprecedented chain of various robberies that besieged people and authorities and…

The movie “Rebellious Flames” directed by “Zack Golden” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 5:00 PM on the show network.

The story of this movie, starring Michael Bara, Eric Blomquist and Seth Andrew Bridges, is the story of a mafia group who plan to set fire to a restaurant, in exchange for their demand from the restaurant owner, to receive the damage from the insurance, but…

The movie “Finch” directed by “Miguel Spachnik” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 19:00 on Show Network.

In this movie starring Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones, you will see: an engineer who is one of the survivors of an accident on Earth lives in an underground shelter, he builds a robot to take care of his dog after his death and…

The movie “I care about you” directed by “Jay Blixon” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 21:00 on the show channel.

In this movie, we will see Razmand Pike, Peter Dinklage, Iza Gonzalez, Chris Messina and Dianne Wiest: Marla is a 39-year-old woman who runs an elderly care company. He has managed to create fake disability cases for rich elderly people by conniving with a doctor, nursing homes and real estate agencies. The son of one of the victims, whose mother died in isolation and against her and her child’s wishes in a sanatorium, shot Marla and…

The new movie “Decibel” directed by “In Ho Hwang” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 11:00 PM on the show channel.

Starring Kim Rae-won, Lee Jong-seok, Jung Sang-hoon, Park Byung-yeon and Cha Eun-woo: A former naval commander named Kang Doyang receives a phone call from an unknown man. The caller states that he has set off a number of bombs in crowded places, including a football stadium and a water park, and…

* Children’s network

The new animated film “Arkin and the Lost Diamond” directed by “Hakan Boll and H. Sinan Gungur” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 14:00 on the Children’s Network.

In this animation, we will see: Erkin is interested in flying and is working on an air project. His grandfather gives him his father’s diary and notes, and Erkin realizes that if…

* Hope network

The new TV movie “Storm Children” directed by “Sadegh Sadeghi” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 16:00 on Omid channel.

In this film, we will see: Reza’s father is in a hospital bed due to chemical complications related to the holy defense and needs an oxygen machine; But the storm and heavy rain in their village in the northern region, which has been raining continuously for several days, does not allow Reza and her sister to go outside the village to get their father’s oxygen capsule. Based on a superstition in his village, Reza writes the names of 40 bald people in his village and hangs them on a tree until the heavy rain stops, but this does not happen and Reza is forced to cross the roaring river with his heart.

Pejman Bazghi, Maryam Bobani, Parham Deldar, Venus Hassan Kanli and Reza Naji have played in the TV movie “Storm Children”.

* Horizon network

The new movie “Mahdi’s Situation” directed by “Hadi Hejazifar” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 13:00 on Efoq channel.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

In the summary of the film, it is stated: Mehdi Bakri, the commander of the 31st Ashura Division, asks his younger brother Hamid to return to the region and be by his side despite the problems he has faced. Hamid accepts and goes along. Now after the Khyber operation, Mahdi must return home alone…

Hadi Hijazifar, Zhila Shahi, Vahid Hijazifar, Masoumeh Rabbaniya, Vahid Aghapour and Ruhollah Zamani have acted in the movie “Mahdi’s Situation”.

* Health network (special subtitles for the deaf)

The movie “Concussion” directed by “Peter Landsman” will be broadcast on Salamat network on Saturday, April 12 at 10:30 with special subtitles for the deaf.

The synopsis of the movie starring Albert Brooks, Alec Baldwin and Will Smith states: Dr. Bennet Omalu is a Nigerian neuropathologist living in America who happens to be involved in a case that brings him many challenges. With the suspicious death of an American football player, he realizes that this sport will cause serious damage to the brain, and most of the players will suffer from Alzheimer’s, depression and CTA. To prove this truth, he resists the committee of this sport and…

* Beyond network (4k)

The movie “Lord of War” directed by “Andrew Nicol” will be broadcasted on Saturday, April 12 at 10:00 pm on Farrat network.

Haft Sin Networks/ "Number 10" will be broadcast on TV tomorrow, April 12

The story of the movie starring Nicolas Cage, Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto, Eric Ovis and David Shombres; It is about Yuri Orlov, who immigrates from the Soviet Union to the United States of America with his family under the false pretext of being Jewish, bored with the simple life of his family, and enters into the business of smuggling weapons and war tools to get rich. Using his intelligence, Yuri suddenly becomes an international arms dealer, and the fall of the Soviet Union helps him achieve his goal.

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