Hamid Karzai: The Taliban has not kept its promises; The government is not a comprehensive declaration

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a British media outlet that the people of Afghanistan need a government that provides development and services, has good relations with the world, and has no people without it. Fear and repression, live happily.

In an interview with the Sunday Times on Saturday, September 17, Karzai said that the people were afraid and that the Taliban should work to eliminate this fear and create a physically and mentally suitable environment for the people.

Karzai added that he was disappointed with the results and the continuation of the Taliban’s talks with the National Resistance Forces in Panjshir.

He also stated that since the beginning of negotiations with the Taliban, he has emphasized the three principles of girls’ education, participation in government and the position of women in Afghan society, and the importance of the Afghan national flag and values.

“They (the Taliban) completely agreed and took matters into their own hands,” Karzai said. “But that has not happened yet. We need actions that are in line with what they say. Otherwise, Afghanistan will be cut off from the world again.”

“We need an Afghanistan that belongs to all the people of this country, men and women and all ethnic groups, and the only way forward is an inclusive government,” Karzai said, referring to the Taliban cabinet. “That is not what the Taliban have said.”

The former Afghan president added: “The loss of Afghanistan’s youth and educated people is an irreparable loss and the Taliban must try to keep the youth in the country.”

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Reacting to the non-opening of schools for sixth-graders and girls in Afghanistan, she said that girls ‘education is very important and there is no other way but for girls’ education to advance the country.

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