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Haqdadi: Iran’s gymnastics should not be harmed because of an organizational position

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, Abed Haqdadi said about the conditions of gymnastics and whether you participate in the world championships or not: The email that was mentioned for the World Championships in Belgium, there is a mismatch between the calendar of the Asian Games and the FIG, which affects all Asian countries. involved These competitions have been synchronized with the World Art Competitions to get a quota, which practically, in the discussion of the World Competitions and the Asian Games, we have the right to choose which one to go to; That is assuming that international problems are solved. Other Asian federations also submitted their requests to change the gymnastics competitions of the Asian Games, which did not go anywhere. Other countries like China and Japan are going to send the second team to the Asian Games, but we don’t have the possibility to have two teams. Our plan in the Gymnastics Federation was to participate in the Asian Games, and if we wanted to participate in Belgium, it was very difficult and impossible. We could not have an effective presence and therefore we will not be sent to the World Championships.

Haqdadi said about the issue of his resignation from the head of the federation: I requested Mr. Mahmoud Khosraviwafa and other sports officials of the country to hold a meeting so that the issue of licenses can be resolved with an agreement. Our words and logic about the issue is that at least one person gives our answer. The fact that I somehow resigned as the head of the federation one day and left my workplace, according to the internal laws of my country, I am no longer in charge of this organization, which happened in the winter of 1400. During the year 1401, I have not been a follower of resignation in the federation, and according to paragraph 28 of their own approved statute, not attending for more than 3 months means abdication of responsibility; How did they exchange all emails related to the federation with FIG in 1401, renew the licenses and send them?! So who did the registrations? Who exchanged the email? Did they have any responsibility?! It has been interactive in order to protect Iran’s national interests. An election has been held in which the respected candidate had some flaws that he complained to the FIG and the World Federation is also investigating, and he did not give any answer. Now they say that if I email for licenses, it is a violation; So how was it not a violation then?! If we want to think about the interests of the country, we should continue the work with interaction, but if we are going to take hostages, these things will be done. We cannot deceive ourselves; It can be done now and I don’t know why they don’t do it.

He continued: I asked to hold that meeting and I did not participate in it. Apparently, friends have not reached the conclusion. I have been in sports for at least 30 years of my life and this is what I do; I don’t want the Iranian national team to be harmed because of the responsibility that was in the hands of one person. Maybe I should have decided to resign right away. We hoped to participate until the last moments before the Asian Championship, but they didn’t let us in the deadline. I have been introduced many times in sports organizations; Maybe some people have not been deposited yet and it is difficult for them. Whatever is good for the sport of the country, we obey without any claims. I can legally say that 28 members of the assembly are with me, but I have no claim. The people around that candidate were my students in the province. They have learned these things from me, but I speak for the good of sports, it is about our national team and we have a chance to win a medal. We should not talk with a position from above; We have come to serve and we must work as long as we are fruitful. A sports organization is not individualistic.

Haqdadi wrote about whether he is a legal president or not: We do not have the issue of being the president; Ditch the slang. An election has been held and a candidate has filed a complaint; One of the questions of FIG was why 3 experts approved by the board of directors were not in the assembly, and we said, well, there is no approval! They have forgotten! The day before the election, I asked the secretary of the assembly that the Ministry of Sports and Youth wants the minutes of the meeting to see if those 3 people are there or not, no one has seen the minutes of the meeting and they have not brought them! My guess is that maybe some of the election events are based on the fact that the FIG has also reached a series of issues that it has waited for and has not yet responded to; including the illegal presence of a club representative in the assembly or the resigned secretary.

He went on to clarify: After all, the members of the assembly have objections and questions about holding those elections. Regarding the discussion of the secretary of the federation, the ethics body of the world federation should also enter. The members of the assembly have asked that the secretary has resigned and someone else has replaced him, the chairman has also resigned and we 31 members of the assembly agree with his resignation. What is the assignment?! Some members of the assembly have questions about the representatives of the athletes in the commissions, or how some clubs became members of the assembly?! A province that is our right arm in the trampoline is not invited. There seem to be biases and the members of the assembly are suspicious and worried about the renewal of the elections. Everyone is respected and loved, but the regulatory frameworks must be respected. Our only way, according to my suggestion, is to refer to the constitution. Kiyomarth Hashemi said that our red line is suspension. We should not allow the gymnastics federation to be suspended and Mr. Hashemi also had the same opinion of not suspending it. He has gone through all levels of sports from the bottom to the top and is familiar with sports. His word as the commander is our proof. He has stopped the suspension of football in the country and he knows it.

In response to a question about which statute the elections were held, the head of the Gymnastics Federation said: The elections were approved by the members of the Assembly and the World Federation. Name one item of the Universal Charter that we have gone through. The only mistake of that assembly was not knowing and not informing the secretary of the assembly about a resolution. Our question is whether there was a resolution for the presence of expert experts in the assembly or not? If there is, bring it. Why didn’t they announce their resignation from the presidency of the federation to the world federation at that time? I am not talking about their disqualification, but they should have informed the World Federation about many things. Audits have stripped the skin of the sport, we can’t go on like this and whoever likes us should be with us and whoever doesn’t, should leave. All of our work is paperwork and extravagance.

He admitted about the discussion of the Asian Games: We did what we could for the Asian Games. There is also my written letter to Ms. Dargahi to renew the children’s license. You can’t always make excuses; We made an official and written announcement and held a meeting. For example, if I change the secretary of the federation, why not inform the world federation? They changed their teacher after 3 years and did not tell FIG. Are we indebted to the Islamic Republic or sports? Where did these sports take place or how much did they pay? Thanks to the blessing of this country, they have been counted as human beings and have become leaders; It’s over and gone. If they tell me that I will go, there is no question, I don’t want my father. These gymnasts of ours are registered and longlisted. Even I said cross my name so that we can take another athlete. It was concluded that we will send 4 people and tomorrow we hope that the license problems will be solved and we will go with 5 athletes because we have a chance of getting a medal.

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