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The price of Pixel 8 and 8 Pro has been revealed

While Google will unveil the Pixel 8 series phones on October 12, now we see the disclosure of the prices of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro for European markets.

A new report It has revealed the colors, the different versions of the Pixel 8 series in terms of storage space and also the price of these products. If this report is true, the future Google phones will be sold at a higher price than the previous generation.

Possible price of Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Pixel 8 in 128GB version with 23% value added tax seems to be the same price. 874 euros Will have. The 256 GB version of this device is also priced 949 euros It is launched on the market. For comparison, the Pixel 7 had a base price of $650 when it launched.

Today’s report also revealed the price of the Pro model. Apparently, Pixel 8 Pro in the basic version with 128 GB of internal memory. 1235 euros It has a price. The next versions of this smartphone with 256 GB of internal memory and 512 GB of internal memory respectively with the price 1309 euros And 1461 euros are sold Pixel 7 Pro was priced at 900 euros in the basic version when it was first released.

Although it is said that Apple also wants to raise the prices of the iPhone 15 Pro models, the leaked prices for the Pixel 8 series seem a little strange. Pixels aren’t as popular as iPhones, and they’re pretty much the frontrunners, so raising their prices dramatically is a no-brainer.

The Pixel 8 will likely come in Hazelnut, Obsidian, Rose, and Mint colors, while the Pro model will come in Obsidian, Brown, White, and Mint colors.

According to some rumors, Google is working on Night Sight for videos as a complementary feature for photography. Also, while some rumors pointed to the removal of the SIM card physical port and the use of eSIM, Google continues to use this port.

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