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He became the permanent manager of Barcelona Fars news

According to Fars news agency, Fabrizio Romano announced that the sports director of Barcelona will stay in this team.

The German Matteo, who previously announced that he wants to leave Barcelona in order to reach the Premier League and the Aston Villa club, now he has changed his mind and wants to stay with the Blues.

The German was one of the most influential pieces of Barcelona’s revival with Laporta and played an important role in the acquisition of players like Lewandowski.

Many media considered him the mastermind of Barcelona’s transfers and now believe that his presence can help the team’s growth.

Barcelona had a lot of financial problems during Bartomeu’s time, but with Laporta’s ideas and economic levers, he was able to return to the championship path and with German help, he made effective purchases.

After 3 years, the Blues were able to win La Liga on Sunday night and celebrate the championship for the first time without Messi.

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