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Public relations is the powerful intellectual and executive arm of organizations in implementing strategies and advancing goals

According to the report of financial news, quoted by the public relations of Bank Shahr, the text of the message of “Syed Najib Hosseini”, the director of management and public relations of Bank Shahr, is as follows:

In a world where the awareness and transparency of human needs is more than ever before and all scientific power is used today to achieve these two important elements, it is a valuable capital of public relations that can act as the intellectual arm of organizations in the implementation of The strategies and promotion of the organization’s macro goals play a role, so it must be said: today and in the era of development of communication and media, no company or organization can be imagined without the existence of a public relations institution.

Public relations play a very effective role in the development, growth and strengthening of internal motivations on the one hand and helping to maintain public trust on the other hand.

The definition of the role of public relations as activists in the field of “eighth art” shows the effort to improve the public atmosphere of the society and strengthen hope and general morale and resilience to overcome problems; A vital matter that if neglected, will cause irreparable damage to the society.

This definition also indicates the importance and the sensitive, important and unique position of public relations as a researcher and influential unit in the target society that affects the overall organizational and institutional decisions.

While respecting the effort and efforts of my valuable colleagues in the public relations of Shahr Bank, its subsidiaries and provincial branches, on May 27th, the day of communication and public relations, I congratulate each and every one of the hard workers in this important field, and may God bless them with victory. I wish you well and a good end.

Seyyed Najib Hosseini
Director of Management and Public Relations of Shahr Bank

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