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Hilaj Theater reopens with two new shows

After a break, Hilaj Theater will start its performance with two new plays.

Theater News Base: The play “An Hour in Old Age” written by Firoozeh Esfahanizadeh (based on the play by Martin McDonagh) and directed by Shahrokh Daryanvard and “B, N, Ch” written and directed by Nima Samadi They will go on stage at 2 and 2 o’clock in this theater.

In the play “An Hour in Old Age”, Shayan صFasihzadeh, Fahimeh Shayanfar, Asal Kalhor, Shayan Memari, Reza Sharif Kazemi, Mahan Torabi, Sam Ebadi, Sahel Shafiee Mehryar, and Armaghan Soltani will accompany him as a sailor actor.

Other contributors include Darin Jariani, Assistant Director, Maral Abdolhosseinpour, Stage Consultant: Parishad Mostofi, Costume Consultant: Saghar Taherpour, Light Director and Sound Director: Zahra Ilkhani, Photographer: Fatemeh Khoshnam, Poster Designer: Reza Sharif Kazemi.

The reopening of the Hilaj Theater took place after the complete disinfection of the hall, and ticket sales for the plays will be 50% of the hall’s capacity in accordance with the regulations set by the National Corona Headquarters.
The shows will be staged in accordance with health protocols and social distancing, and those interested can visit the Tiwal website to purchase tickets for the shows.

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