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Holding the fourth technological event of insurance/central insurance will reduce enterprises and increase supervisions

According to the report of Fars news agency’s economy reporter, the fourth technological survey of insurance companies was held today, Tuesday, in the presence of the head of Central Insurance.

In this conference, Majid Behzadpour, the CEO of Central Insurance, emphasized that the effort is to strengthen supervisions and reduce interventions and undertakings in the insurance industry, and said: We do not have the role of intervention in the insurance market and we want to increase supervision.

He referred to innovation in the insurance industry as creative destruction in this industry and said: Innovations must meet the needs of today and the future in the insurance industry.

The head of Central Insurance also stated that Iran’s insurance industry has been away from the world markets for some time and stated: “Anyway, we must connect to the world markets one day and the insurance industry must be ready to cooperate with the world’s insurance industry by carrying out innovations.” slow

Behzadpour added: In the four weeks that have passed since the campaign of Creative Insurance Tuesdays, insurance companies present their achievements in the field of new technologies that they use, and our goal is to introduce these innovations and increase competition in the insurance industry.

Stating that insurance companies need to provide solutions for companies, he said: “Innovative Tuesdays will continue until the end of the year, and after that the innovation center in Central Insurance will be activated, and the work of innovative technologies must continue continuously and the insurance industry Take advantage of these technologies.

The head of Central Insurance also pointed to the technological presentation of an insurance representative company and stated: Considering that you follow the regulations and regulations of the insurance industry, we support this move and it is a correct point that insurance policies should be purchased from professionals and agencies. .

In the continuation of this ceremony, the CEO of Day Insurance, referring to the technologies used in this company, said: “Insurance companies have the main task of risk management, and looking to the future, they use modern technologies in the digital platform.”

Keshavarz, stating that Day Insurance was previously a loss-making company, with the use of young forces and new technologies, we were able to become the most profitable insurance company in two years, and from the accumulated losses, we became the first rank of productivity in the total factors of production.

He also considered the platform and service-oriented economy important in insurance companies and said: The use of the hybrid method and the combination of different platforms is very important in the insurance industry, and we have used different applications in Day Insurance Company.

According to him, the market share of this company should reach 2% of the insurance market and 80% of the insurance portfolio should be allocated to micro insurances.

In this ceremony, Ali Fanadi Naini, the vice president of Central Insurance Technology, said: Currently, with artificial intelligence technology, many insurance violations can be discovered and deviations in insurance companies can be prevented.

Furthermore, Mohammadnia, the representative of East Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park, also introduced his platform and said: We intend to attract online sales representatives through this platform and these representatives can purchase insurance services from insurance companies as brokers for customers.

He added: Currently, 80% of sales in the insurance industry are done by the brokerage network.

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