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According to the Mehr reporter, Pejman Dorostkar, the head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team, said about our country’s powerful championship in the Asian competitions in Mongolia: “Iranian wrestling has been the first power in Asia for a long time and it is a gentleman in the ancient continent.” We also inherited Iranian wrestling teams in Asia, and thank God we were able to win the Asian championship again with a young team to make people happy.

Competitions were held at a high level

Referring to the high level of competition, Drastkar said: “The level of competition at this year’s Asian Championship was much higher than a few years ago. In the last two years, everything was affected by the Corona epidemic. Asian teams such as Japan, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan participated in the Asian Championships with all their might to take a serious test for the Asian Games, given that the trend of coronary heart disease has been declining and the Asian Games are also ahead. .

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team, referring to the participation of the rejuvenated Iranian team in this period of the tournament, continued: “While we took our second and young team to Mongolia, the opposing teams came to the field with all their forces and main personnel.” So I’m happy that we were able to win six gold medals, given the conditions that prevailed during this period of competition.

“Winning six gold medals in this period is in the context that we won two gold medals in the 2020 Asian Championship and three gold medals in 2021 with our main squad,” Drastkar said. We won a total of 5 gold medals in two years, but in the 2022 competitions, thanks to God and the efforts of the children, we were able to win 6 gold medals.

We have shown that we are beyond Asia

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team noted: “We went to the field in Mongolia with a combination of young and experienced people, but they came with all their might against other Asian countries, and this is our strength to show that we are beyond Asia with the second team, although We need to work harder.

Referring to the brilliance of the national wrestlers in the Olympic weights at the Asian Championships, he added: “The Asian Championships were more happy when the team won 4 gold medals in the Olympic weights, ie 65, 74, 97 and 125 kg.”

The purpose of sending the second team was to provide support

Drastkar also said about the reasons for sending the second team to the Asian Championship: “According to the plan we have to support the Iranian wrestling, we decided to send the second team, which was young and inexperienced, to the wrestlers behind the line.” We give the rest or the young people who want to show themselves a chance.

The head coach of the freestyle wrestling team continued: “Based on this decision, both the main national team and world and Olympic medalists were rested to recover and a series of young wrestlers were given a chance for the future to compete in an international competition such as the Asian Championship.” It is not just a tournament, to participate to show themselves to the world wrestling. The children did their best and responded well to the trust of the technical staff and we achieved a good result.

He further referred to another achievement of the Asian Championship for Iranian wrestling, and said: “The new rules on weightlifting, according to which there is a distance of 2 to 2 and a half hours from the time of weightlifting to the start of the competition, really make the work of weightlifters really Has hardened. This issue can become our Achilles’ heel. According to this law, I believe that a wrestler who loses weight, if he hits his opponent hard in the first round, will definitely work hard, and the Asian Championships showed us this series of wrestlers. They can not succeed.

Drastkar continued: “Also, a number of wrestlers do not lose much weight, but due to the fact that they do not have a basic plan for losing weight, they are called bad weight loss, and they also have problems with this law.” I warn wrestlers who do not have a good plan to gain weight, due to the weightlifting law on the day of the competition and that the distance between weightlifting and the competition is short, should take weight loss seriously and to avoid problems should follow the plans of the team nutritionist It gives them the opportunity to take action.

The selection cycle motivates all wrestlers

Drastkar, who sent the national freestyle wrestling team to the Asian Championship based on the selection cycle, said: “According to the selection cycle, it should be a mental confidence-building for the wrestling community that anyone who comes to try and work should be invited.” Has a national team. That’s why the national freestyle wrestling team was sent to the competition with a team of young, inexperienced wrestlers who, although younger than the young, had little international experience on the big arenas.

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The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team emphasized: we must create this motivation for wrestlers who are in different clubs and cities, who have a chance to reach the national team by trying. I believe that a cycle in which justice is central, will definitely help the team both spiritually and technically, and the result will be well seen by the Iranian wrestling in the future.

He stated that he believed in the success of this team, noting: “Despite being young and inexperienced, I was so hopeful to all the children that I was not surprised by this success.” I believe that the national team of this team is much higher than Asia, and all the national team of this team were in good technical and mental condition.

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team pointed to the struggle of some nationals in these competitions and said: Rahman Amouzad showed that he wrestles more thoughtfully, more maturely and forward than before, and he wrestled very well, Amir Hossein Firoozpour also compared to Sunni He has become a little more mature and has established himself as a world-class contender. Meanwhile, Younes Emami also improved his fighting style compared to the past. In the end, all the kids were good and I am completely satisfied with the team.

We have good support, but that is not enough

Drastkar, who spoke to the website of the Wrestling Federation, said that it seems that our country’s wrestling has good support due to Iran’s championship in Asia with the second team: “Iranian wrestling has good support, but having support alone is not enough.” We must have a program for talented and successful wrestlers who support Iranian wrestling, and by holding various camps and giving them a field by sending them to international competitions, we must motivate and confident these wrestlers to be injected into the body of Iranian wrestling.

He continued: “We have good wrestlers, but we have to work on the supports in terms of quality and technology to meet our expectations.” So if our wrestler, who is a world champion, loses in one weight, the alternative wrestler has the potential to win a world medal.

The peak is the preparation of the team for world competitions and Asian games

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team, who has to prepare his students for the two important world competitions in Serbia and Hangzhou after the Asian Championship, said about the upcoming competitions: “Wrestling has a very difficult year ahead, the first khan of which was the Asian Championships.” Our planning for the wrestling is such that the peak of preparation and peak performance of the national team will be the Serbian World Championships and then the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Drastkar added: “The Asian Championships and the tournaments we have ahead of us are opportunities that will help us team up to the World Cup. That is why we are looking to eliminate the technical and tactical weaknesses of the wrestlers before participating in the World Championships in Serbia in various tournaments and competitions.

He further referred to the hard work of the Iranian team in the World Cup in Serbia and said: “Apart from whether the Russians will be in Serbia or not, we have some opponents in the World Cup such as the United States, Georgia and Azerbaijan who are a good team in terms of personnel.” Are and the world-class wrestlers are in the composition of dignity and claim to win the first to third platforms.

Troublesome single stars

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team said that we should also be careful of other stars in other countries, noting that Iranian wrestling has always suffered from lightweight or heavyweight singles from other countries in world competitions, such as the Japanese, Cubans, Poles, Hungarians and others. That we must concentrate.

Drastkar continued: “We should pay attention to stars such as the Polish wrestler who won the world championship in 70 kg, the Hungarian wrestler Muskayev who won the Olympic medal, the Slovak wrestler who won the world silver medal in 74 kg, or Taha Akagol Turk in heavyweight.” That is why, apart from the wrestlers from Russia, Azerbaijan, the United States and Georgia, who claim a 10-man team, single stars from countries such as India, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey are also our children’s opponents.

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The head coach of the freestyle wrestling team further referred to the Asian Games and said: “Countries in Asia rely more on the Asian Games and their planning is for these competitions.” That is why in the 6 Olympic weights we have to try to be successful in both the world and Asian arenas with careful planning and low error rates and choosing the ideal combination.

The final decision on priorities is made by the federation

The World Adult Wrestling Championships will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from September 19 to 27, 1401, while the Hangzhou Asian Games Wrestling Championships will be held from September 20 to October 2, 1401, and the short distance between these two important competitions has become one of the wrestling challenges. Is. Referring to this concern, Drastkar said: “One of the big challenges this year is the short distance between the World and Asian Games, and success in both fields requires careful planning.”

He continued: “In wrestling, the world medal has a higher value and prestige than the Asian Games, and national champions like to increase their world medals and reach the world championship medal.”

Referring to the importance of the Asian Games medals for sports officials, the head coach of the freestyle wrestling team said: “We should not forget that the Asian Games are important for the Ministry of Sports and the National Olympic Committee.” We must act in such a way that our country’s flag is at the highest point in the Asian Games.

Drastkar further called the federation the main decision-maker for the priorities for the Hangzhou World or Asian Championships and stressed: “All technical programs are being implemented well, and finally, given the priorities that exist and the short distance between the two competitions.” The main policy-maker and the body that has to make the final decision is the wrestling federation, which has to determine what will happen to be sent to these two competitions.

The ship has never been more protected than its honors

“Wrestling has never been seen as much as its honors,” said Drastkar. With all due respect to all the sports we are proud of their successes and happy with their medals, but wrestling has never been seen in history as much as the honors and medals it has won.

The head coach of the freestyle wrestling team, referring to the expectations that always exist from wrestling on the eve of the Asian and Olympic Games for medals, said: “Despite the support that is not enough, but always close to the Olympics and the Asian Games, the expectation of wrestling is high.” This year, however, I believe that sports officials have a special view on wrestling.

He added: “We had several meetings with Salehi Amiri with Mohammad Bana and he promised to help and I feel that the head of the National Olympic Committee is looking at the support ship.” I ask the Minister of Sports and the Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, Sajjadi, to look at wrestling, both this year when we have the Asian Games and in the future, in the dignity and position that this discipline has so that wrestling can be proud and raise the Iranian flag in various world and Olympic competitions. And raise Asians.

The federation has laid the foundation stone

At the end of his speech, referring to the federation’s support in providing the best conditions for national teams, Drastkar said: “The federation’s support, both in terms of the infrastructure provided and the support provided to wrestlers and coaches, has been unparalleled throughout history.”

He thanked the president of the federation for his efforts, adding: “I thank Alireza Dabir and his team for their full support in the wrestling federation, who really try to make everything from the gym, nutrition and accommodation to the national teams in the best possible way.” Shahid Sadrzadeh and Shahid Hadi Wrestling House, restaurant and recreational space prepared for the national team, bodybuilding equipment and other facilities in the best conditions provided by the federation for the national team.

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team noted in the end: “In addition to the extraordinary infrastructure, our requests to be sent to various tournaments, despite the economic problems and the financial difficulties that the federation is facing, have always been approved and the federation is doing its best.” Enables our technical programs to be implemented. I have to personally thank Alireza Dabir for carrying the weight of the ship, and I hope he will be rewarded for this effort.

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