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Hosseini enthusiasts went on pilgrimage with Arbaeen Radio / The studio that became Hosseinieh – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Mohammad Bakhshaish is one of the producers of Arbaeen Radio who went to Karbala Deployment In an explanation of the programming process, he told the Mehr reporter: Radio Arbaeen, with the least facilities compared to other media, was able to remain a reference and ماوای Pilgrims to Karbala. During this time, we did our best to make the atmosphere of Karbala as it is and with all the facilities available to us. Thus To Our audience Let our audience feel that they are with us in Karbala.

Arbaeen Radio Studio is the place of Imam Hussein’s guests (ع)

He continued: “Radio Arbaeen in Karbala, despite having the least facilities compared to television and other television channels and even satellite and Internet networks present in Karbala, but in a way is the place of all Iranian friends, artists, admirers, poets and guests of Imam Hussein (ع) Was. Many of the guests of the program even referred to Radio Arbaeen themselves and said that they wanted to talk to the Iranian people through this network, and this made us proud.

The producer, who was sent to Karbala, pointed to an example of such conversations: Javad Foroughi, our country’s Olympic medalist, who was there in the costume of health defenders, Tawashih groups and Quranic groups were among our guests and even performed.

A small Hosseiniyah that was set up with Radio Arbaeen

Forgiveness Referring to some memories of working in the studio of Radio Arbaeen, he stated: The interesting thing is the presence of fans in the studio and praise هایشان It was that filled our longings. Many programming agents Regret They made pilgrimages but could not go to the shrine because of their work and 24-hour information, and when the mourners came, they mourned with them as they recited the calamity.

He added: “It can be said that Radio Arbaeen had become a small Hosseiniyah in this regard and had invited many people to attend this Hosseiniyah.”

Bakhshaish explained about the activities of the Arbaeen Radio expedition team to Karbala: “While informing the listeners of Arbaeen Radio to other listeners of Radio ها Including health radio, saba, show, talk radio, sports, culture, message and آوا We also communicated with them, not as a report, but as a programmer, and sent them short programs of a few minutes as special guests.

Referring to the guests of the program, he said: “Many servants and موکبان Imam Hossein’s Shrine (ع) And موکبانی Who were along the way were the guests of Radio Arbaeen program and about 30 servants from موکب The owners of Tariq al-Hussein became our guests.

The producer also mentioned the guest fans: Nik Bakhtian, Shawl بافان, Mohammed Hussain پویانفر, We had Mehdi Salahshour and the famous praisers in the studio of Radio Arbaeen. These praisers who came mourned Imam Hussein (AS) by mentioning the tragedy and praising him. Slap in the face People listened to these mournings and shed tears, and it almost made the spiritual atmosphere more spiritual for us. Even the programmers shed tears with the people.


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