housing industrialization; The smooth path of increasing production/housing market is looking forward to the improvement of infrastructure

According to Tejarat News, while according to official authorities, every year one million new housing units are added to the country’s annual housing needs, during the past years, construction has completely stagnated and except in some personalized cases, the production Housing is closed.

Although the statistics of issuance of building permits are increasing at some point in time, this does not mean an increase in construction on the ground.

Why did housing production decrease?

Among the important factors that have caused a serious decrease in housing production is the inflation of all construction components; During these years, from building materials to land, construction duties and taxes, getting permits and other such things, the cost has been increasing. At the same time, the wages of simple and expert workers have also increased in proportion to the general inflation of the economy.

In this way, the production of housing has faced a significant growth in the cost of construction and has been limited to a few cases that are generally produced at personal expense or under the title of personalized housing. The field investigation also shows that there are no more plans for mass construction in cities and rarely, specialized builders enter this field.

Housing industrialization in Iran

But are these the only reasons for the delay in housing construction? Mohammadreza Alavipour, the secretary of the scientific committee of the International Construction Management Symposium (ICMS), recently pointed out another important factor and stated that the main challenge of the construction industry in Iran is its traditionality! In this way, the discussion of housing industrialization in Iran is raised.

According to the definitions, building industrialization means pre-fabrication, pre-assembly and the application of new technologies in the construction process. This process increases the quality of construction and at the same time optimizes the construction and use of labor force. This method can be used in mass construction and deliver work output with better quality and in a shorter time.

But it seems that the place of this construction method in Iran’s housing production market is very empty. Iraj Rahbar, the head of the Tehran Mass Builders Association, previously told Tejarat News about this: “Now there are seven industrial methods in Iran and they have been used, such as the tunnel systems that have been used in the campus.” Otherwise, there is no place for new methods such as the use of 3D printers and the use of some other industrial devices and machines in the field of construction.

Industrialization in the projects of the National Housing Movement

Shahab Saadat Nejad, the head of the Tehran Builders Association, recently pointed out the void of industrial construction methods in Iran and said: builders and mass builders can help the government to build high-quality, high-speed industrial housing.

According to him, the implementation of this measure depends on the removal of existing obstacles, and if the speed of issuing licenses increases, and the amounts related to taxes, insurance, and duties are reduced, and contracts are made in the form of participation and clearing, then we can hope for the implementation of industrialization.

The head of the Tehran City Builders Association says: If the prices are removed from the mandated mode so that the private sector and associations active in the construction industry can help in the construction of quality housing with appropriate speed and quality, we will see an acceleration in the implementation of industrialization.

He said: In the discussion of industrialization, the necessary conditions and facilities should be provided for the relevant factories, because heavy initial investment in the industrialization sector is needed so that the construction work continues continuously and the obstacles on the way of production are removed.

He emphasized: holding conferences and meetings with the presence of builders and mass builders with the focus on industrialization and the projects of the national housing movement has a very important role in the implementation and removal of obstacles in this plan.

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