Housing prices in Chabahar skyrocketed / What is the reason for the price increase? – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, Tehran is the leader in housing inflation for other cities, but recently the impact of some cities has been higher than the metropolises, so that in a city like Chabahar, the price of apartment units in some areas of this city has reached the price of housing in some neighborhoods of the capital, and the residents Chabahar considers this housing price jump unprecedented.

Moinuddin Saeedi, the representative of the people of Chabahar, said about the jump in housing prices in Chabahar and the multi-billion dollar price of apartments in the less privileged areas in this region: the result of looking at development from one side and not paying attention to human development and human development indicators is the result of this unprecedented inflation. We are in Chabahar housing market.

Referring to the factors influencing the increase in housing prices in Chabahar, he said: One of the factors influencing the increase in prices was the arrival of Afghan investors in Chabahar and the increase in their demand to buy housing in Chabahar. Also, the increase in prices in the area of ​​Chabahar Free Zone, which covers the city, has been effective in increasing prices, and the result of all these factors has caused a strange inflation in the housing and real estate sector in Chabahar city.

Saeedi continued: While we are witnessing this inflationary bubble and the increase in prices, no demographic planning or plan for the future generation has been considered for the natives and old residents of Chabahar, and all these factors have caused this unprecedented inflation in the field of housing in Chabahar.

The representative of the people of Chabahar emphasized: The buyers of these units are not the people of Chabahar and the natives, because they basically do not have the purchasing power, and the majority of the demand is related to Afghan investors who recently came to Chabahar to invest in transit, free zone and economic activities on the border of Rimdan, and they are Afghans. who buy and trade these units, otherwise most of the people of Chabahar cannot afford these astronomical prices.

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