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According to Tejarat News, the 13th government, which realized last year that it was lagging behind the National Housing Movement project and the unattainability of building one million residential units per year, decided to implement some units in the form of self-ownership projects. In self-ownership projects, land is provided by the government for free to qualified applicants and they start construction using the relevant facilities.

On the other hand, not long ago, the government announced that it will give land to some households that meet the desired conditions in the form of the youth plan; But how much land has the government given to the applicants so far?

Statistics of the transfer of government land to applicants

The statistics of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development show that so far 93 thousand 903 individual plots of land and 202 thousand 906 plots of land have been assigned to the applicants of the National Housing Movement. Also, 296 thousand 809 plots of land for housing construction have been given to the National Housing Movement Plan and 14 thousand 868 plots of land individually and 8 thousand 370 plots of land have been assigned to the applicants of Jamiat Youth Plan.

Therefore, in total, 319 thousand 865 plots of land have been donated to the people in two groups and individually, in the form of two plans of the National Housing Movement and the Population Youth Law.

Does the self-ownership project cure people’s pain?

As mentioned, self-ownership projects only include the transfer of land, and the cost of construction is the responsibility of the applicant; This is despite the fact that it became clear not long ago that the increase in the loan amount of the National Housing Movement will not be allocated to self-ownership projects.

On the other hand, even now, many families eligible to receive land through the population youth plan in some cities say that despite the registration of the application, they have not received any land yet, and there is no news of the delivery of these lands. Therefore, this plan cannot be useful for the people on a large scale, and it seems that the government is only using it to spread positive news about the National Housing Movement project.

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