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According to Tejarat News, the limit of loan payments to applicants of the National Housing Movement Plan is 550 million tomans in the normal way, which is set in the same way in all cities of the country. Before this, the facility limit was 450 million tomans, which reached 550 million tomans on May 19 this year by the Money and Credit Council. On July 12, the interest rate of this facility decreased from 23% to 18%.

National housing loan installments in the first year is 7.3 million tomans

The repayment period of national mortgage installments is 2 to 3 years, excluding the participation period. In the method of staggered repayment of installments, the applicants of the projects of the mentioned plan must pay about 7 million and 357 thousand tomans per month in the first period (first year).

National mortgage installments will increase to 8 million 281 thousand tomans in the fifth year and to 9 million 600 thousand tomans in the tenth year. In the 15th year of loan repayment, the monthly installments will be 11 million and 129 thousand tomans. Finally, in the 20th year, the monthly installments of the National Housing Movement loan are 12,901,000 Tomans.

Currently, applicants will pay 2,372,455,000 tomans for a loan of 550 million tomans in a 20-year period. Of this figure, about one billion and 822 million tomans is the benefit of the facility. Previously, when the interest rate of the facility was 23%, the monthly installments of this plan started at around 9.5 million Tomans in the first year and reached more than 16.6 million Tomans in the 20th year.

The price of the units is also calculated according to the construction cost. According to the announcement of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the construction cost of each square meter of the National Housing Movement units is between 7.5 and 8 million tomans. The cost of preparation and landscaping is added to this figure, which is the responsibility of the applicant. The size of the units will be between 50 and 90 square meters.

Payment of 750 million tomans loans to industrialists

Facilities in the industrialization method to builders who use new methods and technologies in metropolitan cities, provincial centers and other cities are set at 750, 650 and 600 million tomans, respectively, which are paid based on the physical progress of the projects. Last year, the ceiling of this facility was 600 million tomans. Repayment of facilities this year for cooperative builders is a maximum of 10 years and for other builders a maximum of 8 years with interest rate approved by the Money and Credit Council.

The 13th government plans to build four million residential units within four years in the form of the National Housing Movement Plan. So far, 4.5 million families have registered in this plan who lack housing and have not previously used government facilities to provide housing. In the last two years, 51,000 hectares of land have been provided for providing housing for these people, and about 1.5 million units have reached the construction stage.

26 banks have been considered to provide financial resources for this plan, except for Bank Maskan, other banks did not perform very well in this field. More than one million and 80 thousand people have opened an account in the housing bank of Korea to receive facilities. According to Abbas Hosseini, the CEO of Maskan Bank, a total of 94,752 billion tomans have been deposited into the builders’ accounts, of which 53,275 billion tomans came from the facilities and 41,477 billion tomans from the applicants’ accounts. has been

The plan to inject 2 billion tomans from the National Development Fund into the National Housing Movement Plan

In order to speed up the house building movement, the government plans to borrow 2 billion dollars from the National Development Fund. It has also established close cooperation with the research and scientific body of the country. According to university professors, the decisions taken by the current government in the housing sector are more scientific than in the past, and for this reason, researchers and construction industry activists have been encouraged to reduce construction costs and use new technologies in the national housing movement plan.

On the other hand, one million people in cities with less than 25,000 people will be given free land, of which 500,000 plots will be given this year and 500,000 plots next year.

Source: ISNA

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