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How much is the minimum purchase of bitcoins in Iranian exchanges?

A common misconception in the cryptocurrency market is that it is not possible to buy less than 1 Bitcoin (BTC). This is despite the fact that Bitcoin is divisible up to 9 decimal places. Of course, buying this amount is not possible due to various factors, including the fee issue. So how much is the minimum purchase of Bitcoin in Iranian exchanges? Join us in this article to answer this question.

Bitcoin is now worth more than $25,000 and few people can buy a whole Bitcoin; But there is no need to buy full bitcoins either. Today, you can buy Bitcoin even with 100 thousand Tomans. Whether you have 1 Bitcoin or 0.01 Bitcoin, you own Bitcoin and are exposed to the ups and downs of prices as much as the amount invested.

Ultimately, there will only be 21 million Bitcoins in the world, and owning any amount is valuable.

Limit and minimum purchase of Bitcoin

Today, with the supply and operation of various digital currency exchanges, it is possible for those interested to invest in Bitcoin as much as they want. However, there are still limits and minimums when buying Bitcoin.

The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called Satoshi, which is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoin. Right now, one satoshi with a price of $25,000 Bitcoin is worth $0.00025, which is a very small amount and even less than the fee required to be paid by the network. Therefore, such a transaction is not possible.

Digital currency exchanges have also set minimums for buying bitcoins due to fees and also to encourage users to invest.

In global exchanges, the minimum purchase of Bitcoin usually starts from 1 dollar or 1 euro. The minimum purchase in Iranian exchanges is from 100,000 tomans to 500,000 tomans, and it is not possible to place an order to buy bitcoins below this amount.

The minimum purchase is not limited to Bitcoin and all digital currencies have a minimum purchase limit. In exchanges, the minimum purchase amount for each digital currency may vary depending on the currency price, network fees and other issues.

The minimum purchase in each exchange is different, and before registering and depositing Rials into the exchange’s wallet, you must check this issue in order to deposit the required amount. To find digital currency exchanges with the lowest minimum currency purchase, you can use the new section of AruzDigital called the list of Iranian exchanges.

In this section, Iranian digital currency exchanges have been scored and ranked according to various parameters, including the minimum purchase, the number of currencies, the level of fees, the volume of transactions, liquidity, and the number of currency pairs.

In addition to providing reliable digital currency buying and selling services, the top Iranian exchanges usually have the lowest minimum purchase amount and therefore can be the best choice to start trading and buying Bitcoin.

Fees, Barriers to Small Bitcoin Purchases

There are generally two fees when buying Bitcoin, the first is the Bitcoin network fee which is paid to the miners and the second is the exchange fee which usually includes a percentage of the transaction.

As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin is managed by its users and community. For this purpose, the Bitcoin network is built in a way that rewards users and miners with BTC for their activity and participation. This reward is compensation for miners’ expenses and encourages users to continue their participation.

Miners and participants of the Bitcoin network are rewarded from user transaction fees, which is why all Bitcoin blockchain transactions require payment of network fees. The network transaction fee changes under the influence of various factors and is always fluctuating.

Currently, in Iranian exchanges, the fee for withdrawing and transferring bitcoins on the main network platform is about 0.0001 to 0.0009 bitcoins. Therefore, exchanges usually set the minimum purchase above this amount so that users do not face problems when transferring their bitcoins.

In addition to network fees, there are also exchange fees, which typically amount to 0.05-0.3% of the total Bitcoin transaction. While this number may seem small, it is significant for large transactions and is something to keep in mind when choosing and using exchanges.

To quickly compare exchange fees, you can use the list of Iranian digital currency exchanges to access important and practical information of each Iranian exchange, including their minimum and maximum fees.

Maximum purchase of bitcoins in Iranian exchanges

Iranian digital currency exchanges usually do not have a limit for the maximum purchase of bitcoins, and users can buy bitcoins as long as they have balance or liquidity.

However, rial deposit and bitcoin purchase comes with some challenges. In the past, every user had the possibility to pay 25 million Tomans per transaction at the exchange portal; Therefore, it was possible to deposit 100 million Tomans daily to digital currency exchanges for each national code by performing 4 transactions.

But in the latest notification of the central bank, the daily deposit limit for each national code has been reduced to 25 million tomans. Therefore, for large purchases of Bitcoin, users face some restrictions from the central bank.

Of course, exchanges have now provided users with methods for depositing amounts of more than 25 million Tomans, methods that can be done, but using them is not as easy as depositing through a bank portal.

How much bitcoin to buy?

Determining the appropriate amount of bitcoin to start investing depends on the conditions and risk tolerance of investors, and it is not possible to determine an exact amount for it. Financial market analysts and consultants suggest that people invest only 5-30% of their total capital in the digital currency market. 5% is safe investment and 30% is risky investment.

Note that Bitcoin is a volatile market and newcomers can easily lose their capital during these extreme price fluctuations. For this reason, we suggest that if you are placing your first Bitcoin purchase order, buy a small amount and do not take too far from the minimum purchase specified by the exchange.

Then, with increasing experience and information, you can increase the amount of your investment. In the meantime, it is important not to forget the rule of low-risk and safe investment in the digital currency market: only invest money in digital currencies whose loss will not cause great damage to your daily life and future.

What is the easiest way to buy bitcoins?

If you have never had the experience of buying Bitcoin, reading this section will help you. Bitcoin is a digital currency that you need to buy from collections called digital currency exchanges.

Unlike traditional exchanges, digital currency exchanges are online and are actually websites that enable the buying and selling of Bitcoin (and other digital currencies).

The number of digital currency exchanges in our own country, Iran, is increasing day by day. Identity authentication in these exchanges for Iranians is an easy and unimpeded online registration. You can also easily deposit Rials to these exchanges and then convert your Rials to the desired digital currency.

If you want to get acquainted with Iranian exchanges that support Bitcoin, we suggest you use the new function of AruzDigital. Visit the bitcoin buying guide page to see a list of the most prominent Iranian exchanges.

By selecting the option I want to “buy” Bitcoin and specifying the amount, these exchanges will be listed in order of the best buy rate for you (the same applies to selling). Then just click on the purchase option at the end of the name of the exchange to be transferred to the website of the exchange. It is clear that if you have not registered and authenticated in the desired exchange before, you must go through this step first.

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