How to brake in rainy weather / How to control the car on a slippery road? + Photo

According to the online economy report, with the rain, the roads are wet and slippery and driving in these conditions becomes a little more difficult and complicated than normal days. One of the main points of driving in these conditions How to brake in rainy weather Is.

If your car slides on the road while driving, don’t panic, but slowly take your foot off the gas pedal and steer the car in the direction it is sliding. Avoid making rash decisions like slamming on the brake pedal or swerving suddenly.

How to brake in rainy weather It is very important and if you follow the principles, you can prevent accidents. If you have to brake hard when it’s raining, press your foot on the brake several times in a row. This will prevent the car from slipping. Of course, drivers of cars equipped with ABS brakes are more comfortable because these brakes are designed not to slip in such conditions.

Continuous braking to prevent the vehicle from skidding

But if your car is not equipped with ABS and EBD systems, move at a safe speed so that you do not have to brake suddenly to stop your car. will do.

How to brake in rainy weather When the car skids, how should we stop the car? The best thing is to be confident and self-controlled. Avoid braking as hitting the brakes on a slippery surface will lock the wheels and cause further skidding. You have to move in the direction that the rear part of the car slides (turn the steering wheel to the same side) and whenever the car goes straight, move in the direction you want. Press the brake very slowly to slow the car down or press the accelerator slowly to keep the car moving.

Safe speed in rainy weatherHow to brake in rainy weather / How to control the car on a slippery road? + Photo

Not only braking is important in this situation, but the gas pedal is also important for the safe movement of the car. In difficult and rainy conditions, avoid taking your foot off the gas suddenly and keep the gas pedal balanced to prevent the car from sliding in this situation. When the car “beakswat”, avoid unnecessary acceleration and turning the wheels quickly. Because this action, in addition to not having a positive result, also sinks the car deeper and more completely into the mud.

If you are aware of how to brake in rainy weather, you can prevent accidents, but remember that during rain, the braking power of the car is greatly reduced, so pay double attention to keeping a long distance with the cars in front. Always assume that the car that is moving next to you has a complete beginner driver who may pose a danger to you at any moment, then avoid risky overtaking etc.

This distance is in rainy weather

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