How to chat online with Haber for your site?

Customer support is one of the pillars of online business. The support role is like a friend and companion who listens to your questions sincerely at any time and seeks a suitable and practical answer to it.

In the past, the only way forward for the Product Support Center was to use the telephone. Telephone backers sat at desks for hours talking to customers one by one. If the business was thriving and had a lot of customers, they would not be able to put down the phone for even a moment.

As time went on, customer support methods gradually expanded and businesses became more open. One of the fastest growing methods among online businesses is Online chat system for website Was. Online chat has more features than phone support, its data is stored and covers several customers at the same time. However, there are drawbacks to this type of support that make the comparison between the two most comprehensive customer support methods clear.

What are the features of Haber Online Chat?

No tool is perfect, but when we look at the features that online chat offers us, we realize that it is worth trying. We at Haber spent a lot of time producing such features.

As soon as Haber Messenger connects to your website, you will be introduced to a world of new customer support capabilities at no extra cost or pressure.

Online chat support staff can monitor the pages that customers open and talk to them at the right time. Also, a variety of tools such as Knowledge base, Have a survey form and ready-made answers that help a lot in improving the quality of the conversation.

In an online chat system, unlike telephone support, operators can talk to multiple customers at the same time. As a result, the cost of hiring a support staff and equipping them is far lower than telephone support.

One area of ​​business that has been around for several years is data analytics. Decisions that are based on real data, not managers’ perceptions and predictions, are more talked about and have a positive impact on improving processes.

Analytics is one of the most important part of online chat. At Haber, we have prepared various reports to evaluate the performance of support staff, teams, topic volumes, customer feedback, etc., which make it easier to predict the future position of customer support.

Online chat or phone support?

With all that said, then is telephone support an obsolete method that no longer works? The answer is no!

Sometimes telephone support works better. For example, if the customer has a particular problem that is difficult to explain by typing, or the customer is anxious and needs to hear an encouraging voice to guide him or her.

The increasing advancement of online chat support systems has not led to the complete disappearance of telephone support. The best thing for any business is to integrate the call center with online chat support staff. Businesses need to train staff who can both support phone calls and use live chat tools.

What does Haber Online Chat help you with?Slow?

The Haber team has spent a lot of time researching Iranian and foreign online chat systems in order to produce the right product for different businesses. At Haber, we tried to design an optimal customer support system that provides a variety of opportunities for business executives.

You can visit Haber site, Sign up for the system, start online support by copying a simple piece of code to your site, or replace it with existing, perhaps inefficient systems. With a free plan and a 14-day trial period, you can connect the Haber to your website at no cost.

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