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How to dust laptop and computer cooling?

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Almost all computers – desktops and laptops – are equipped with a cooling fan. In fact, the computer’s internal components generate heat in exchange for electricity, and a cooling system is needed to dissipate that heat from the device. This cooling system usually includes a fan and heatsink. But the fan and heatsink have one problem: over time, dust seeps into them and reduces their cooling performance. That’s why dusting your laptop fan and desktop system is a must to maintain cooling power.

Laptop fan dusting training

In this article, we are going to teach you how to dust your laptop and computer fan. Stay with us.

Required supplies

To dust a laptop and computer fan, we need to send airflow into it quickly. This airflow removes dust sitting on the cooler and cleans the cooler. «Dry air spray” And “BlowerThey can do this for us. If you have an antistatic brush on your hand, it is not without merit.

Be careful not to use a vacuum cleaner to dust your laptop or computer fan in any way! Using a vacuum cleaner to clean electronic components can cause electrostatic shock and burn them. Dying inside the cooling system may seem like an interesting idea at first glance, but it can cause dust to enter your lungs and damage them. So it is better to use dry air spray or blower to dust the laptop or computer fan. This way, your health and your device will not be endangered.

Laptop fan dusting steps

Before starting the operation on the laptop, turn it off and unplug it from the charger. Also, before opening the laptop, electrically discharge your body by touching a large metal object. This prevents electrostatic shock from entering the laptop.

Remove the bottom frame

In order to be able to access the cooling fan inside the laptop, you need to remove the bottom cover of the laptop. Each manufacturer has designed a unique mechanism for opening the bottom cover of their laptops, and how this is done depends on the exact model of your laptop. You can probably find this tutorial in your laptop catalogs. Otherwise, a simple internet search will definitely give you tips on how to unlock your laptop model.

Dust the fan and heatsink

After removing the bottom cover, you should be able to see the laptop fan and heatsink. It is not bad to first clean the bottom frame with a lint-free cloth. To dust the coolant, first hold the fan with your hand so that the air does not rotate as it passes through it and the electricity does not return to the laptop circuit. After you have secured the fan well, blow dry or blow air into the laptop fan and heatsink. Make sure you do this from all angles to remove as much dust as possible.

If you have an antistatic brush, it is not bad to gently pull it into the fan and heatsink and on the laptop board and blow it once again with the spray or blower, inside the cooler and on the board. This way, if the dust is stuck on the board or inside the heatsink, it will be removed and you will achieve the cleanest possible result. Of course, if you do not have an antistatic brush, you do not need to do this. The main part of dusting a laptop fan is blowing air into the heatsink.

Install the bottom cover and turn on the device

Now that the process of dusting the laptop fan is complete, you can put the bottom cover back in place and turn on the laptop.

We hope you find this article useful. Be sure to share any comments, questions and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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