How to register a tenant mortgage loan / Which systems should we refer to?

According to Trade News, people for Registration of mortgage loan They must first go to the national real estate and housing system and register their residence information there. This registration is because the mortgage loan is paid based on the city where the person resides.

How to register in the national real estate and housing system of the country

Applicants must first log in To be. In the next step, the applicant must enter his national code and mobile number.

In the next step, people must enter their location information (city and province) and some of their personal information.

At this stage, the information of the person’s current residence is determined and the person must determine the type of ownership of the property in which he lives. After entering the requested information, the registration in the National Real Estate and Housing system is completed.

After that, the mortgage loan applicant can refer to the comprehensive system of housing support plans and complete the steps of registering his / her mortgage application. In other words, registering information in this system is a prerequisite for registering in the comprehensive system of the housing support plan.

Comprehensive system of housing support plans

After registering in the real estate and housing system, individuals to apply for a mortgage loan must go to the comprehensive system of housing support plans at Register and register your request in this system.

The important point is that registering a mortgage loan does not require an in-person visit and the whole process must be done online. After the initial registration, the information of the individuals is checked and if the individuals are eligible to receive a loan, the applicant will be referred to the bank.

Mortgageees have two weeks to apply to the bank to submit documents and introduce guarantors.

For information on the loan amount, installments and priorities for paying the mortgage loan for tenants, read the following report:

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